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Gigabit Multimode Extenders,Gigabit Multimode Extender, MRV EM316x/MX

The Fiber DriverT Gigabit Multimode Extenders apply unique technology that allows the transmission of high-speed signals over Multimode fibers to distances much longer than the standard. This allows the use of high-speed backbone protocols over fiber that was originally used for FDDI.

Fiber optic cables for FDDI applications were typically laid in 2 km increments, since that was the distance limit for FDDI and Fast Ethernet on Multimode fiber. But with today's new high-speed backbone protocols, Multimode fiber's physical characteristics result in a maximum distance of 275 to 550 meters, depending on protocol and fiber size.

The Fiber Driver Gigabit Multimode Extenders offer solutions that are interoperable with all standard Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and FICON equipment. The Gigabit Multimode Extenders carry Gigabit links on existing Multimode fiber (FDDI graded) to distances of up to 2 km (and, depending on the quality of the fiber, they can provide links of up to 6 km).
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