2845-AL DeskTop Modem
2845-PB2 DeskTop Modem

2853-AL Rack Mount Modem
2853-PB Rack Mount Modems

2443-PB Rack Mount Modems
2845-i DeskTop Modem
CXR-AJ offers a full range of voice frequency modems for dial-up and leased line applications. These modems are available as desktop units or as rack-mountable cards to be inserted in one of our Universal chassis. For more information about our rack and our management system see Rack Systems and /or Management Systems.

Industrial grade versions of these modems are also available. Designed especially for harsh environments, these versions are more immune to adverse conditions than regular business versions. See our section on industrial modems

All versions of modems have the following characteristics:

  • Support all speeds up to 33.6Kbps
  • V.21, V.23, V.22, V22 bis, V.32 and V.34 and V.34 bis, Fax V.17, V.29 and V.27 ter compatible
  • Error correction V.42 and MNP4
  • Data compression V.42bis and MNP5
  • 2 and 4 wire leased line
  • Automatic dial back-up
  • AT and V.25 bis commands
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Transmission
  • Full duplex and half duplex (V.23 only)
  • External or internal power supply 110/230 volts AC or 48 volts DC
  • Front panel with LED�s or optional LCD display
  • Plastic or metallic enclosure

Modems are configurable via the DTE(terminal) interface with AT or V.25 bis commands, via the front panel LCD display menus or by selecting one of the 10 stored configurations. Remote configuration is also possible. For rack mount versions see section on Management System.

The 2443-PB Series are available in "plug'n'play" configurations for MWI Voice Mail applications. One configuration is defined for the Central Office while the other configuration is defined for the Customer site.