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Kingfisher testers are commonly used during manufacture, installation, commissioning and fault finding of fiber optics line equipment and cables.

Interchangable Optical Connector

For optical fiber connector types: SC, LC / F3000, FC, ST, MU, E2000, LSA / DIN47256, SMA, D4

  • Based on an optical fiber SC connector, this is a solution for all 2.5 mm optical fiber connectors, and the 1.25 mm small form factor MU and LC optical connectors.
  • Hybrid SC connector adaptors are available to: 2.5 mm “universal” /  MU, FC, ST, D4, LSA ( DIN47256 ), SMA, F3000, E2000, LC, SC optical connector types.
  • The fibre optic connector ferrule tip is easily accessible for cleaning by removing the hybrid SC connector adaptor.
  • Connector color coding is achieved with low effort & inventory cost. For example, for DWDM channel identifcation.
  • Reduces warehouse costs, inventory costs, and streamlines the entire logistics chain while accommodating customer requirements for many types of fibre connectors.
  • Lowers unit production costs through easier planning, larger production batches and standardized connector requirements.
  • Lowers finished inventory while offering faster delivery from stock.
  • Any manufacturer can offer flexible fibre connector types at the retail level, and reduce the complexity of selling multiple connector choices.
  • Service and re-work are easier since no tools are required.
  • The fiber optic connectors can be configured or changed after delivery. Alternatively, a tamper-proof configuration is possible, with a one-time only configuration.


  • Line equipment, termination cabinets and any pigtailed fibre optic gear where the ability to accommodate different styles of optical fiber connectors is useful.
  • Universal low cost solution with fiber pigtail & connector ferrule inside the relevant unit, and user mountable connector adaptors in various styles.
  • Compatible with all common fiber types and ferrule types. Once fitted, the fiber type and ferrule end polish is fixed, however the connector style is flexible.
  • Button released push - on, pull - off hybrid adaptors for relevant fibre connector types are available from multiple suppliers in various grades of price / performance.


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