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Fiber Optic Test Equipment- KITS™ Software- KI 7000 Series Instruments- Optical Test Equipment- IP Test Equipment

Kingfisher testers are commonly used during manufacture, installation, commissioning and fault finding of fiber optics line equipment and cables.


KITS™ Software
for KI 7000 Series Instruments

New! V4.12 now available

A flexible Kingfisher solution for cable acceptance documentation. Modify the Excel spreadsheet to meet your customer's reporting requirements, or modify the whole program to your local language In a couple of hours!

A universal solution for data acquisition, analysis and reporting of optical loss, power & ORL. Use it today with your existing test gear!

  • Click results directly into your custom acceptance report from any KI 7000 series Power Meter or Loss Test Set
  • When used with a KI734x Two-Way Instrument, 8 seconds is all it takes to analyze and record the bi-directional loss and ORL at each end of a link
  • Data logging to help find intermittent faults
  • Real time data capture for any Windows PC. Also supports manual data entry for legacy gear
  • Supports standards based pass / fail testing
  • Supports all languages
  • Easily customise multiple customer reports
  • Familiar Excel™ user interface
  • Accommodates any work practices
  • Enterprise level IT solution for cable certification
  • System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7. MSOffice XP/2003/2007
  • One-click memory download feature
  • Report customization service available, please enquire



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