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Kingfisher testers are commonly used during manufacture, installation, commissioning and fault finding of fiber optics line equipment and cables.

Fiber Optic Microscope

Fiber Optic Microscopes are used to check unmated fibre optic connectors for dirt and end face quality. Fiber optic connectors should always be cleaned and inspected prior to mating, so in a typical organisation, many types of staff will need access to a simple and easily used inspection microscope.

Kingfisher microscopes are also available in convenient F O Test Kits, which include accepted connector cleaning materials.

NEW! KI 6610 FiberSafe Microscope

  • Full-featured, versatile, high quality microscope
  • Improved eye safety filter
  • Triple illumination methods
  • AAA battery and external power
  • Inspects duplex connectors


KI6600 Handheld Fiber Microscope

  • Compact, high quality microscope
  • Eye safety filter
  • Dual illumination methods
  • Coin cell batteries



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BIF-Bend Insensitive Fiber

New Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers