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Fiber Optic Test Equipment- KI 6150- Fiber Identifier- Optical Test Equipment-IP Test Equipment

Kingfisher testers are commonly used during manufacture, installation, commissioning and fault finding of fiber optics line equipment and cables.


KI 6150 Series Fiber Identifier

A clip on fiber identifier is used to identify traffic, or a test tone generated by a source, or as a route tracer.

  • Easy to use with one hand, no menu!
  • Thumb lock for consistency & hands free operation
  • Displays traffic direction with audible warning
  • Approximate fiber power display
  • Supplied with 4 heads for ribbon / 250 μ coated fiber, 900 μ fiber, 2 mm & 3 mm patch lead
  • Inexpensive model for Metro / LAN / FTTx applications
  • High performance model for long distance applications
  • Uses popular 9 volt battery. Auto turn on / off
  • Durable metal housing and quality construction
  •  Also available in convenient Test Kits.



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