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Q2300 Ethernet QoS Access Router- T1 Access Router-IP ROUTER-VPN Router-VPN Switch- VPN Tunnels-T1 CSU DSU- T1 CSU-DSU

For Ethernet/DSL/Cable Services

The Kentrox Q2300 router makes low-cost broadband services practical for business. Until now, business-class routers have been expensive and overly complex to set up and use, while consumer level DSL and cable routers have lacked business-quality monitoring, control, and security capabilities. The Q2300 router changes all this by combining the features of an IP router, QoS appliance, IPSec VPN appliance, firewall, and Ethernet switch into one easy-to-use network access device.

Q2200 T1 QoS Access Router
Frame Relay, Internet or PPP networking over T1 or fractional T1 services

Q2300 Ethernet QoS Access Router
Business Ethernet, DSL and cable services

Amercan Tech Supply is now a reseller of Q2200 T1 QoS Access Router, T1 Access Router,IP ROUTER,VPN Router,VPN Switch, VPN Tunnels,T1 CSU DSU, T1 CSU-DSU, T1 QoS Access Router,T1 Access Router,IP Router,VPN Switch, T1 CSU DSU, T1 CSU-DSU from Kentrox- With Frame Monitoring DSU/CSUs from Kentrox, service providers and enterprise customers can service providers and enterprise customers can monitor the end-to-end performance of their monitor the end-to-end performance of their Frame Relay network.

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