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Amercan Tech Supply is now a reseller of Kentrox ISDN Network Termination Units,Kentrox Wireless Carrier Routers,Triple T1 ICSU, Triple T1 CSU,Wireless Carrier Routers,Wireless Carrier Routers, Carrier Grade Routers, Carrier Grade Switches TRIPLE T1 CSU,and CSU's. Our carrier grade wireless routers will help successful wireless service providers attract and retain their customers with reliable network access, good call quality, and competitive pricing. Failure in any one of these areas can lead to rapid turnover or permanent customer loss. Here is how Kentrox wireless products help service providers proactively manage their networks to avoid these problemsToday's expanding PCS market requires wireless service providers to carry more traffic from each cell site than ever, while minimizing the amount of downtime and resulting lost revenue. CrossPATH® IIe Triple T1 CSU has been designed specifically for service providers looking for ways to proactively manage their networks.

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The NT1 1010 ISDN Network Termination Unit from Kentrox is compact, easy to install, and simply the most economical solution available for accessing ISDN Basic Rate Interface carrier services for ISDN telephone or terminal adapters.

The NT1 1010 is required when your basic rate ISDN equipment does not provide a U-interface. The NT1 1010 terminates the 2-wire U-interface from the carrier and converts it to two standard 4-wire S/T interface connections.

The NT1 1010 ensures compatibility with all Basic Rate ISDN service offerings and provides network protection, status and diagnostics for carrier activated

Product Highlights

* "At-a-glance" LED indicators provide quick performance monitoring
* Built-in lightning and surge protection on both ST and U interfaces
* Connects ISDN telephone and terminal adapters to an ISDN network
* Easily mounts to the top or side of a desk, or attaches to a wall with provided hardware
* Easy to use and configure -- All options set by easily accessible DIP switches
* Provides conversion from Basic Rate ISDN 4-wire S/T interface to 2-wire U interface
* Standard 5-year warranty
* Supports carrier activated, full 2B+D loopback tests

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