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All products are fully warranted against defects in workmanship or materials. Our warranty covers defects in workmanship and material for the normal life of the product. At Jonard's option the company will repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any tool that fails to meet this criteria under normal use.

Optical Fiber Cable Sheath Stripper & Ring Tool - JIC-4366

Jonards optical fiber cable sheath stripper is used for stripping and butting tight buffer optical fiber cables. Use one blade to butt PVC sheathing and use the second blade to strip the sheathing.

Adjustable for .018" or .031" thick plastic, rubber or fabric insulation. One spare blade of each style is included with the tool. Also known as CT2860.

Part No. Description
JIC-4366 Optical Fiber Sheath Stripper & Ring Tool
RB-2060/6 Pkg. of 6 Replacement Blades for ring feature tool
RB-2878/6 Pkg. 6 replacement blades for stripper feature of tool

Replacement Blades - RB-2060/6

Replacement Blades for Optical Fiber Cable Sheath Stripper & Ring Tool


Electrician Scissors - ES-1964

Designed for heavy duty use.

Jomrds electrician cutting shears are made of high carbon steel with a special hardening process for greater durability and chrome plated for that professional look. Scissor is notched and one blade is serrated. Holds edge even when used on fiber and kevlar based cables


Wire & Kevlar Cutting Shears - JIC-186

This high leverage kevlar cutting shears is designed to cut through Kevlar® fibers and other tough industrial materials.

Strong enough to cut copper wire and thin steel material. Durable and reliable with one serrated and one straight edge. Red plastic dipped handles 6 1/2" long.


Wire Stripper Cutter - JIC-1022-Designed to strip and cut the most commonly used stranded and single wire gauges 10 to 22 AWG and 2-3 mm fiber jackets.

Other features include a coil spring opening to reduce fatigue, wire looping, bending holes conveniently located, black oxide finish, locking mechanism, and cutting surfaces that are hardened, tempered and ground for superior performance. 6 ¾" long and weighing just 4.5 ounces.


Part Number Fiber Optic Strippers - JIC-125- Call For Pricing - More Info- Spec's

For stripping 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron optical fiber.

Preset at the factory so no adjustments are necessary. Unique design prevents nicks or scratches on the optical fiber plus blades are ground and hardened for long life. Yellow plastic dipped handles 5 3/16" long.

Fiber Optic Stripper Three Hole -Part #JIC-375- Call For Pricing - More Info- Spec's

Three hole model performs all common fiber stripping functions.

Strips the 2-3 mm fiber jacket down to the 900 micron buffer coating. The second hole strips the 900 micron buffer coating down to the 250 micron coating and the third hole is used to strip the 250 micron cable down to the glass fiber without nicks or scratches.


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