ATS Carries a complete line of CXR- Anderson Jacobsen Modems, ISDN Modems, Rack Mounted Modems,and Rack Mounted ISDN Modems


The AJ 6411/6413 series is a pocket size adapter which comes in a variety of versions which differ by the number and type of DTE ports available (1 or 2), the access to either one or two B channel (s) and the type of transmission mode supported (synch or asynch.). For asynchronous transmission the following protocols are supported: V.110, V.120, V.14, PPP and X25-PAD. Data compression is also available in V.120 mode using the V.42 bis protocol. The AJ6413 is identical to the AJ6411 except it includes a built-in V.32 modem for connection to remote analog modems or fax modems connected via the PSTN. For more detailed information click on the 6411 section.
The CB2000 is a new member of the ISDN product family designed and manufactured by CXR Anderson Jacobson. Available as a standalone and rack-mountable unit its main function is to convert a single ISDN PRI into multiple ISDN BRI accesses. Thanks to its software intensive based design, the CB2000 offers numerous yet powerful functions which make it the ideal front end device for ISDN access while allowing substantial money savings via more effective use of the available ISDN resources.

The CB2000 concentrates and switches up to 16 or 32 ISDN BRI ports into one or two ISDN PRI ports. Each BRI ports carries the two B channels as well as the D, signaling, channel. Incoming calls can be routed to a specific BRI port or group of ports according to the MSN number, the subaddress, the bearer channel capability or a combination of any of the three parameters.