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    ICC MTRJ 24 Port Fiber Optic Patch Panels- ICC 24 Port MTRJ Fiber Optic Patch Panel- 24 Port MTRJ Fiber Optic Patch Panel

    American Tech Supply carries ICC's 24 port MTRJ fiber optic patch panels comes loaded with 24 MTRJ fiber optic adapters and the 24 port MTRJ fiber optic patch panel can also be loaded with either 24 ceramic or 24 metal adapters. The new enclosures have been designed with added features to improve security, durability, ease of use and to allow maximum performance. For added security, the rear cover has been enhanced to limit rear access from anyone other than the installer/technician. Integral slide rails permit the enclosure to travel forward and backward within the rack, providing both front and rear access, thus making the installation process easier.

    Click For A Complete List Of Fiber Optic Assemblies and Jumpers

    ICFORPPAM1-MTRJ Fiber Optic Patch Panel
    ST-Fiber Optic Patch Panel, 24-Ports

    Integrated with Small Form Factor (SFF) 24 MT-RJ fiber adapters. Includes #12 rack screws.

    ICFORPPAM1 24-Duplex MT-RJ

    ICC's Fiber Optic Patch Panels Are Available in the following sizes:Click On any one of the below links for additional product information:

    SC-Fiber Optic Patch Panel 12 ports

    SC-Fiber Optic Patch Panel 24 ports

    ST-Fiber Optic Patch Panel 24 ports

    SC-ST Fiber Optic Patch Panel 12 ports

    MTRJ-Fiber Optic Patch Panel 24 port duplex

    Fiber Optic Blank Patch Panel with 3 openings, 1RMS

    Fiber Optic Blank Patch Panel with 6 opening, 2RMS


    "Don't Gamble With Quality- Buy American"

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