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PVC (polyvinylchloride) Armstrong DLW

Merit 1.5-type (1.5 mm (0.06")-thick antistatic coating)





Merit 2.0-type (2.0 mm (0.08")-thick antistatic coating)








Due to its high durability, scuff-resistance, resistance to decay, low thermal conductivity, hygienic properties, and wide variety of possible designs, PVC-coatings may be used in living accommodations, educational establishments, shops, hospitals, offices, airports and even workshops.
When choosing PVC-coatings the following parameters should be taken into account:
- resistance to the impact of wheeled chairs
- resistance to indentation
- flexibility
- light-resistance
Limits on the use of PVC-coatings minimal, but it should be remembered that they are heat-sensitive and not resistant to acetone or other strong solvents. Therefore, they should not be laid close to heating systems where the ambient temperature may exceed 40 ? 50?C (104 ? 122?F). And the use of substances that may dissolve polyvinylchloride should be avoided when removing surface contamination (neutral detergents should be used). PVC coating should not be used outside as it is susceptible to unfavorable weather conditions ? such as heat, cold, and precipitation. It is not advisable to use PVC coatings in damp locations (such as bathrooms) and locations not protected from soil moisture (such as underground floors, garages, etc.).

Properties and advantages:
Exceptional wear resistance, extra durability
Easily cleaned
Suitable for wheeled chairs
Suitable for heated floors

Field of application:
Hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing
Microelectronics and other high technologies
Schools, universities
Offices, administrative offices
Service facilities, shops
Cultural establishments
Linoleum type Merit 1.5 Merit 2.0
Fire rating (EN 13501-1, DIN 4102) B1
Acoustic absorption (ISO 140-8) 2 dB
Slip resistance (ZH1/571) R9 group
Thickness (EN 428) 1.5 mm (0.06") 2.0 mm (0.08")
Weight (EN 430) 2500 gr./m? (0.5 lbs/ft?) 3300 gr./m? (0.8 lbs/ft?)
Residual deformation (EN 433) 0.05 mm (0.002")
Color stability level (ISO 105-B02) >6
Wearing (EN 660-2) 4.0 mm? (0.0002 in?) 3.7 mm? (0.00023 in?)
Wear resistance class (EN 649) P
Dielectric resistance (VDE 0100) 200 kOhm
Maximum electrostatic voltage (EN 1815) 2.0 kV
Thermal resistance (DIN 52612-1) 0.008 m2K/W 0.010 m2K/W
Heat transfer (DIN 52614) Level II





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