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??Patch Cords, pages 72-78, 1.81 MB

Patch cord 110 type - RJ-45, 1 pair

Conductor: 7 copper wires ?0.20 mm (0.008"), 24 AWG
Diameter of insulated conductor: 0.98 ? 0.05 mm (0.039" ? 0.002")
Number of pairs: 1
Color of twisted pairs: orange-white/orange
Jacket: PVC ?2.6 ? 0.2 mm (0.102" ? 0.008")
Jacket color: light grey?

1 piece 8P8C
1 piece 110 type, for stranded (patch) cable
The material of 110 type plug: PC
PIN (110 type): Phosphor bronze with gold plating
PC-110-RJ45-1P-CX-1M-GY Patch cord 110 type - RJ-45, 1 pair, 1 m (3.28ft)
PC-110-RJ45-1P-CX-2M-GY Patch cord 110 type - RJ-45, 1 pair, 2 m (6.56ft)
PC-110-RJ45-1P-CX-3M-GY Patch cord 110 type - RJ-45, 1 pair, 3 m (9.84ft)





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