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From copper to fiber, the Hyperline system of products includes everything you need for installation, termination, testing and troubleshooting. And our level of technical expertise, training and customer support ensures that your total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

WOODline ? Parquet coverings


Steamed Beech

Bright Beech

Black Cherry

Steamed Bamboo


Olive ash

Hard Maple


Smoked Oak



The floor has always been an essential presentation element of a highquality room. Whether it is in a conference room or a modern office, a parquet floor covering always provides a harmonious residential or working environment. Hyperline parquet floors are produced from solid wood and meet the highest standards of quality; which means that they are particularly long-lasting and comfortable to walk on.
NORTEC, LIGNA and FLOOR and more panel types can be bonded to ready-made parquet panels. WOODline offers a large selection of designs and types of wood.

Lacquered surfaces boast the following advantages:
Lacquered hard surface
A high degree of resistance to abrasion
Easy to care for
Adjustable gloss rate
Resistant to bacteria and micro-organisms

Oiled surfaces boast the following advantages:
Easy to care for
Damage can be repaired
Ecologically safe
Natural surface structure is maintained

Types of wood
Oak, smoked oak, ash, olive ash, merbau, walnut, maple, light beech, steamed beech, bamboo, steamed bamboo, cherrywood, jatoba and teak. The wood types listed are only a small sampling of our offerings. Additional types of wood are available on request.

  1. Wear-proof lacquered surface
  2. Parquet layer
  3. Access floor panel
  4. Panel edging
  5. Panel lower coating

Types of designs
Customized designs are available on request
Classical parquetry
Custom parquetry

WOODline Access Flooring Description
The factory-applied LIGNA and NORTEC raised floor panels offer decisive advantages. The 4 mm (0.16”) parquet panel is joined to the carrier panel at the factory. Complete quality assurance guarantees optimum joining of the floor panel to the parquet. An edge trim color-coordinated to the type of wood being used is run up to the surface, making it easy to open and close the raised floor panel. The surface of the parquet panel can be waxed, oiled or varnished.

  1. Surface
    Lacquer, wax, oil
  2. Parquet layer
    High-quality hardwood panels in various types of designs and woods
  3. Supporting panel
    Raised floor panel made of high density chipboard material or calcium sulphate
  4. Edge trim
    Color-matched to the type of wood. It is run up to the surface to protect the edge of the panel
  5. Barrier layer
    Counter surfacing made of aluminum or steel sheet as humidity barrier and/or to increase loading

FLOOR and more WOODline Description
Probably the most cost-effective alternative to screed and parquet flooring is factory-bonding parquet panels to the FLOOR and more dry flooring system. Seamless parquet surfaces are produced with dry construction in just a few days; the ideal solution for quick constructions. The calcium sulphate panels are bonded to form a seamless floor surface. The pre-polished wooden panels are then expertly processed for surface coating, and sealed with oil, wax or varnish. With this system, there is no need to coordination between a screed flooring installer and a parquet installer.

  1. Surface
    Pregrinded wooden surface, ready to receive lacquer or oil finishes
  2. Parquet layer
    High-quality hardwood panels with various types of designs and woods
  3. Supporting panel
    Calcium sulphate panel with profiled edges
  4. Barrier layer
    Counter surfacing made of aluminum as humidity barrier





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