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Basic introduction of SHT-NM41/51 A series

Main functions of SHT-NM41/51 A series:
1. Remotely monitoring:
Total load current
System operating state
T/H, smog, door openning and water-logging state
2. Set the limiting value to alarm
Limiting range of total load current
Limiting range of T/H
3. System automatic alarm when the limiting range is exceeded
4. Current consumption measurement (optional)
5. Embedded controlling software system
Product model example
Product code Socket standard Outlet quantity (way) Load current (A) Cable specification, m (ft)
SHT-NM41A-12IEC-3PVY IEC320 C13 12 16 3 (9.8)
SHT-NM41A-12IECK-3PVY IEC320 C13 12 16 3 (9.8)
SHT-NM41A-16IEC-3PVY IEC320 C13 16 16 3 (9.8)
SHT-NM41A-16BIEC-3PVY IEC320 C19 16 16 3 (9.8)
SHT-NM41A-16IECK-3PVY IEC320 C13 16 16 3 (9.8)
SHT-NM41A-16BIEC-3PVY IEC320 C19 16 16 3 (9.8)
SHT-NM41A-20NEMA-3PVY NEMA 5-15R 20 16 3 (9.8)
SHT-NM41A-20NEMAT-3PVY NEMA 5-20R 20 16 3 (9.8)
SHT-NM51A-12SH-3PVY DIN49440 12 3x32 3 (9.8)

SHT-NM41/51 series:?
1. The current consumption measurement function of SHT-NM41/51 is optional.?
2. All IEC320 C13 sockets have anti-fall device.
SHT-NM41 has 16A and 32A load current; SHT-NM51 has 3x16A and 3x32A load current.




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