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Microprocessor panel for fan control



Microprocessor panel for fan control

Microprocessor panel for fan control – MCP-0-G

The microprocessor panel for fan control is designed for measurement, control and automatic maintenance of cabinet temperature at the pre-set threshold in 19” cabinets.

Principle of operation
The panel temperature sensor continuously monitors and compares current temperature with pre-set threshold value, and causes the fans of alternating current to switch-on in four sequences.

Function possibilities
- continuous temperature monitoring,
- automatic fan selection for maintenance of pre-set parameters,
- control ability from PC by using RS 232 interface (data transmission in both directions),
- memory storage of pre-set parameters in case of power supply interruption,
- priority signaling (ex. alarm signal) on RS 232 interface; in the event all fan sequences are switched (LED display blinks).

Technical data
Temperature measurement:
- measurement range from +41°F to +176°F (from +5°C to +80°C),
- izndication resolution ±0.6°F (±1°C)
- measuring accuracy ±0.6°F (±1°C)
Setting parameters:
- control range of pre-set temperature limit value from +41°F to +176°F (from +5°C to +80°C),
- tolerance range from the temperature threshold value from +33.8°F to +50°F (from +1°C to +10°C),
- delay range of swithching on/off fans from 1 s to 99 s.
Displaying of measuring parameters:
- digits’ height 0.55” (14 mm),
- green color,
- improved quality.
Housing form:
- 19" panel 1U height, light grey color (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005).
Communication protocol with computer:
Parameters of RS 232 interface:
- transmission speed rate 9600 b/s,
- 8 bits, without even parity bit,
- 1 stop bit.
Temperature sensor:
- miniature sensor, fi x ed to metal structure by means of latch
- flexible conductor length – 6.56 ft (2 m).
Fan connections:
- number of inputs - 4,
- power supply – 125 V/220 V; 50 Hz,
- input's power carrying capacity - 100 W.
Power supply of the panel: 125 V/220 V; 50 Hz.
Max. power consumption: 5 W.

Supply includes
Microprocessor panel for fan control, temperature sensor with 2 m conduct, fixing accessories.

MCP-0-G Microprocessor panel for fan control, grey
MCP-0-B Microprocessor panel for fan control, black





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