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Microprocessor panel G1 for fan control



Microprocessor panel G1
Microprocessor panel G1
Microprocessor panel G1
Microprocessor panel G1

The basic function of this device is to maintain specific temperature inside the cabinet by measuring temperature at selected points and turning on fans or heaters. The device also makes it possible to monitor pre-set two-step sensors (for example: door-opening sensors) and record a history of events which can be transmitted by serial interface to the master system (PC). This device can be operated with a builtin control panel or by PC serial port.

Usable function
- 6 relay outputs for fan control.
- 2 relay outputs for heater control.
- 3-level control for fan operation, ability to activate 2, 4 or 6 fans depending on the temperature of the sensors.
- Compatible with 4- or 6- fan panel.
- 6 two-step inputs for fans failure sensors.
- Even fan exhaustion functionality with programmed switching period.
- 8 voltage analogue inputs for external temperature sensors; including 6 inputs for overheating sensors (fans’ control) and 2 inputs for overcooling (heaters’ control).
- 4 two-step inputs for events recording sensors, such as opening of the cabinet’s door or shock.
- Event recording functionality such as, changes of the two-step input state, temperature sensor alarms, sensor failure, fan failure, loss of power, etc. (max. 100 events recorded).
- Battery-supplied internal clock, settings and events memory, battery supplied.
- Asynchronous serial interface RS 232 or RS 485 for communication with the master system for sensor monitoring, reading of recorded events, and reading and changing of the settings and system clock.
- For each sensor, programmed and recorded settings of fan status, hysteresis, alarm level and factors of error corrections are available.
- Two digital LED displays track the temperature of the sensors.
- LCD display is 2x16 with illumination and a 4-button keyboard for programming and device monitoring
- Password-protected access to settings and configuration on panel (and by serial interface).
- Also able to control the fans and heaters manually.

- Power supply: 12 V DC, 1 A
- Relay outputs: 250 V AC/DC, 16 A
- Measuring range: from – 58°F to 210.2°F (from –50°C to +99°C)
- Accuracy of measure: ±0.6°F (±1°C)
- Dimensions: 19" x 1 U x 150 mm (5.9”)

Delivery set
Control panel with fixing accessories for cabinet’s fastening.
Temperature sensors have to be ordered separately.

Supply includes
Microprocessor panel for fan control, temperature sensor with 2 m conduct, fixing accessories.

Reference chart
Product name Package Catalog number
Microprocessor panel G1 for fan control 1 pc. 2408-1-3
Temperature sensor 2 m (6.56 ft) 1 pc. CT-G1





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