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Linoleum Armstrong DLW

Marmorette 121-type








Marmorette LCH 3121-type

Linoleum is a modern floor coating which is highly resistant to wear. Due to its wear-resistant properties, linoleum is an optimal coating for facilities where it is essential to preserve an attractive surface appearance while withstanding a high amount of foot-traffic. Linoleum also offers a substantial price advantage.?
The actual lifespan at intensive load is 10 ? 15 years at least. All types of linoleum stand long-term to chemically active media, do not sustain combustion and are referred to the materials with slow flame spread along the surface.?
Marmorette-type linoleum is an electrically conductive floor coating. The electrical conduction is provided by the special material composition, the electrostatic charge is quickly extracted to the earth, preventing the risk of electrical interference. Thus, Marmorette LCH is especially good for the computer centers or the shops where electronic devices are assembled.

Properties and advantages:
Includes mostly natural components
Hygienic, easily cleaned
Resistant to cigarette burns
Suitable for wheeled chairs
Resistant to oil, fat and resin
Relatively resistant to acid and solvents
Suitable for heated floors
Highly-resistant to scuffing
Resists wear
Absorbs sound (14 dB) in combination with cork carrier

Field of application
Living accommodations
Service facilities / shops
Medical institutions
Cultural establishments
Hotels / restaurants
Manufacturing facilities / workshops/ stores
Nurseries / schools / universities
Municipal buildings / banks / insurance companies
Linoleum type Marmorette
LCH 3121
Thickness (EN 428) 2.5 mm (0.1")
Weight (EN 430) 3 kg/m? (0.61 lbs/ft?) 2,9 kg/m? (0.59 lbs/ft?)
Electrical resistance (EN 1081) < 1 x 10?8Ohm -
Maximum electrostatic stress (EN 1815) < 0.5 kV, antistatick < 2.0 kV, antistatick
Value of the electrical insulation (VDE 0100) 105?Ohm 2 x 1105?Ohm
Suitability for wheeled chairs (EN 425) usable
Durability rating for the commercial objects (EN 685) 31-34 (very high)
Durability rating for the industrial objects (EN 685) 41-42 (normal)
Acoustic absorption (ISO140-8) 3 dB 4 dB
Fire resistance (DIN 4102) B1-P-BWU 03-I-16.6.42
Slip-proof safety (ZH 1/571) R9 group R10 group





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