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American Tech Supply is now an authorized Hyperline distributor

From copper to fiber, the Hyperline system of products includes everything you need for installation, termination, testing and troubleshooting. And our level of technical expertise, training and customer support ensures that your total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.


An important part of every floor system is its substructure. The pedestals create the access and service space beneath the floor. They can be produced in a variety of heights to accommodate spaces from 20 mm to 2000 mm high (0.79” to 78.7”). The Hyperline range is made in-house, from the initial design to final product. The high load-bearing capacity and great durability of the steel pedestals are the result of many years’ experience; and the unique range of possible combinations is achieved with the standard pedestal. This offers unbeatable flexibility.?
Our pedestals are made of high quality steel, they are precise, zinccoated, yellow chromized and adjustable. A variety of load classes are available.

Standard design
The M-pedestal line was developed for standard load situations. Construction heights from?35 mm?(1.4”)?to?1200 mm?(47.2”)?can be achieved. The surface of the pedestal is yellow-chromized to prevent corrosion.

Reinforced design
The H-pedestal line was developed for heavy load situations. Construction heights from 35 mm (1.4”) to 1200 mm (47.2”) can be achieved. The surface of the pedestal is yellow- chromized to prevent corrosion. The H-line is suited for applying RO, RM, CL, CS, CM and CH stringers.

There are 5 types of M-pedestals: M0, M1, M2, M3, M4. A special feature of M0-type telescopic pedestal is the supplementary male and female threaded bushing, which considerably increases the height range of this type of pedestals (37 to 75 mm (1.5” ? 3”)). The use of M0-type pedestals is an optimum choice in cases of diverse surface heights on which the access floor will be mounted. Pedestals of other types differ in height (23 to 2030 mm (0.9” ? 79.9”)), base type, and strength. M0-M3-type supports have M16 threaded rods, M4-type supports have M20 threaded rods.

Weight limits
Support type Maximum off-center load, N?
Maximum center load, N?
M0 12 000 30 000
M1 13 900 30 000
M2 12 000 30 000
M3 12 000 30 000
M4 11 700 25 000

Support construction
  1. Gasket for the pedestal
  2. The upper part of the pedestal
  3. The pedestal base

Gasket for the pedestal

Gasket with four stops

Gasket with two stops

Lower face of the gasket
Depending on the pedestal type, 4 mm (0.16”), 4.9 mm (0.19”), 5.9 mm (0.23”) or 6.75 mm (0.27”) thick, gaskets with two or four stops are used.
Gaskets are made of polyethylene or polyamide with high conductivity (without PVC). The panel-side surface of the gasket is slip-proof.

The upper part of the pedestal

The base of M0-M2-type pedestal

The base of M3-M5-type pedestal
Support type M0 M1 M2 M3 M4
The upper part of the pedestal 90x90x2.5 mm (3.5"x3.5"x0.1") 90x90x3.0 mm (3.5"x3.5"x0.12")
The pedestal base 75x75x1.5 mm (3"x3"x0.06") 90x90x2.5 mm (3.5"x3.5"x0.1")

Type of the pedestal with a gasket The height of the pedestal, mm (in) The pedestal adjustability, mm (in)
M0-REG 37 (1.5) 37-75 (1.5-3)
M1-31 31 (1.2) 23-34 (0.9-1.3)
M1-42 42 (1.7) 31-47 (1.2-1.9)
M1-52 52 (2) 38-61 (1.5-2.4)
M1-62 62 (2.4) 51-73 (2-2.9)
M1-72 72 (2.8) 58-80 (2.3-3.1)
M2-70 70 (2.75) 63-77 (2.5-3.03)
M2-80 80 (3.1) 69-90 (2.7-3.5)
M2-90 90 (3.5) 76-104 (3-4.1)
M2-100 100 (3.9) 83-117 (3.3-4.6)
M2-110 110 (4.3) 89-130 (3.5-5.1)
M2-120 120 (4.7) 69-144 (2.7-5.7)
to M2-500
with the pitch 10
130 to 500 (5.1-19.7) with the pitch 10 (0.4), correspondingly +/- 30 mm (1.2)
M3-90 90 (3.5) 76-104 (3-4.1)
M3-100 100 (3.9) 83-117 (3.3-4.6)
M3-150 150 (5.9) 123-177 (4.8-7)
M3-160 160 (6,3) 133-187 (5,2-7,4)
M3-200 200 (7.9) 173-227 (6.8-8.9)
M3-250 250 (9.8) 223-277 (8.8-10.9)
to M3-800
with the pitch 100
300 to 800 (11.8-31.5) with the pitch 100 (39.4), correspondingly +/- 27 (1.1)
to M4-2000
with the pitch 100
900 to 2000 (35.4-78.7) with the pitch 100 (39.4), correspondingly +/- 30 (1.2)

Reinforcement profiles
Even the standard versions of the Hyperline floor systems have great load-bearing capacities. If these are insufficient, reinforcement profiles adapted to the system can be used. The versions available here are diverse, starting with the light stringer that helps to increase lateral stability, and ending with control room profiles that, as bridging profiles, make it possible to achieve a grid of more than 610 mm (24”) or 600 mm (23.6”) with heavy loads. Another application is the construction of platforms for switch cabinets that are integrated into an access floor area. With Hyperline’s flooring systems, all the components are perfectly coordinated with one another; one example being the patented spring clip for fastening of the control room profiles.





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