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Glass access floor panels

Glass access floor panels Glass access floor panels
The LUMEN flooring system creates a very special atmosphere. Its genuine glass panes are self-supporting. Therefore, there are no limits on the freedom to design individual environments. Panels can be transparent, frosted or colored. Company logos as well as lighting accents can visually highlight a subject.

Tempered float-plate glass as multi-layer safety glass; different transmission ratios of the layers. Both surfaces of the panel have transparent protective tape to keep the panels from being soiled during installation. Where the room design will provide a diffuse lighting from beneath the access floor, a sheet of foil (specially designed) can be placed between the panel layers. Standard size of panel is 600 x 600 mm (23.6” x 23.6”). 20% of the panel surfaces have a covering which prevents sliding. Panels with antiskid surfaces are available upon customer’s request.

Artistic lighting, as well as contract lighting or lighting accents, can all be integrated in the access floor. UV-filters are available.

Precisely height adjustable, galvanized and yellow chromized steel, precision threaded bolt, various types according to height requirements.

From conductive plastic material, vaulted surface for perfect panel installation.

Height fixing
Securing part or locking glue (alternatively).

Wall connection
Pre-compressed foam rubber, as sound barrier and absorption of horizontal (or lateral) movement sounds.

A 2-component epoxy coating is recommended for air ventilation.

Solid Glass panel
Several layers to secure
Sufficient load bearing
No reinforcement at edges required (no stringers)
Different surface finishes possible
Tinted panels available
Light effects possible

Range of use
Exhibition space
Reception areas
High-quality sales floors
Transparent equipment rooms
Office and designing areas
Glass access floor panels

System specifications
System designation LUMEN LUMEN
Type GS34 GM38
Panel/material Tempered float glass panes in the form of?
multiple-pane safety glass
Dimensions 600 x 600 mm (23.6” x 23.6”)
Panel thickness 36 mm (1.42”) 34 mm (1.34”)
System weight1 77 kg/m2?(15.8 lbs/ft2) 54 kg/m2?(11.6 lbs/ft2)
Substructure with construction heights> 500 mm (19.7”) Steel pedestals RO stringers
Construction height2 28 ? 500 mm (1.1” ? 19.7”)
Load capacity rating (Nominal load) See "STATICS" supplement
Fireproofing3?Building Material Class of the panel A1 (non-combustible)
Surface design Various decors are possible
Screen printing with 20% allows R 9
Screen printing with 100% allows R 12

1) Floor height 150 mm (5.9”) (FFH), without covering
2) Clear height, special heights available on request; lighting is possible from 150 mm (5.9”)
3) According to DIN 4102/EN 13 501




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