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FLOOR and more sonic

FLOOR and more sonic
The further evolution of the FLOOR and more flooring system with ventilation holes adds decisive advantages to the well-known properties of the standard flooring system. The number of holes with a diameter of 13 mm (0.5”) is variable, making it possible to realize free air percentage of 10%, 13% and 16%.
Applying floor coverings suited for seepage ventilation creates an "invisible room air-conditioning system". In modern office construction with smooth surfaces, the reverberation time is positively reduced when FLOOR and more components with perforation for ventilation are used. An additional combination with absorbent ceilings provides decisive advantages in room acoustics.

Field of application
Projects with short construction times
Renovation projects
Training and conference rooms
Office areas
Areas with high sound-absorption requirements
Areas with concealed ventilation

Special features
Low weight per unit area
No drying times
Can be walked on immediately
Substructure adjustable in height
Compatible with other flooring systems such as cavity-type and access floors
Suited for room air-conditioning systems
Suited for noise absorption systems

Floor coverings
Textile coverings and loosely laid tiles suited for seepage ventilation

System specifications
System designation Floor and more
Type FMP36-10A
Panel/material Calcium sulphate panel with profiled edges and perforations for ventilation 0.5” (13 mm) in ?1
Dimensions 600 x 600 mm (23.6”x23.6”)
Panel thickness 36 mm (1.42”) 40 mm (1.58”)
System weight1 51 kg/m2?(10.45 lbs/ft2) 54 kg/m2?(11.6 lbs/ft2)
With construction heights?
> 500 mm (19.7”)
Steel pedestals RO stringers
Construction height2 74 ? 800 mm (2.91” ? 31.5”) 72? 800 mm (2.84” ? 31.5”)
Load capacity rating (Nominal load) See “STATICS“ supplement
Building-material rating of the panel
Fire-resistance rating
A (non-combustible) A (non-combustible)
Perforation type
Free air percentage
Suitability of covering Textile coverings and loosely laid tiles suitable for seepage ventilation
Sound absorption4 Degree of absorption Absorption rating Degree of absorption Absorption rating
R 16 with needle-punched nonwoven 0.50 D 0.50 D
R 16 with velours 0.40 D 0.40 D
R 16 with needle-punched nonwoven and cavity insulation 0.55 D 0.55 D
Suitability of coverings Textile coverings, Elastic coverings, Loosely laid tiles, with Parquet/Unfinished parquet applied by the factory, Stone

1) Different hole diameters are possible as an option
2) With 150 mm (5.9”) finished floor height, without floor covering
3) Special heights available on request
4) Top floor covering suited for seepage ventilation

Ventilation diagram: Floor and more FMP36?
with floor covering
Ventilation diagram: FloorR and more FMP40?
with floor covering

Floor and more FMP36-16 with velour carpet (type: DLW, Premier Queen)?
Rated degree of sound absorption?aw = 0.40 (LH)
Floor and more FMP36-16 with needlefelt carpet (type: Forbo, Titan)?
Rated degree of sound absorption?aw = 0.50 (LH)
FLOOR and more FMP36-16 with needlepunch carpet (type: Forbo, Titan) and cavity insulation?
Rated degree of sound absorption?aw = 0.55 (LH)




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