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From copper to fiber, the Hyperline system of products includes everything you need for installation, termination, testing and troubleshooting. And our level of technical expertise, training and customer support ensures that your total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

Floor and more comfort

Floor and more comfort
The FLOOR and more comfort flooring system is a synergy of dry flooring and subfloor heating. Cooling, which is requested even more frequently in contemporary buildings, is also possible with our FLOOR and more comfort flooring system. The prefabricated calcium sulphate panels with special profiled edges are bonded to form a unified whole. It has surface profiling to accommodate flexible plastic installation lines. After being put in the groove, these active installation lines are cast over completely with a filler.

Fields of application
Industrial and factory rooms
Training and research rooms
Office and designing areas
Housing construction
Short construction times
Renovation projects

Special features
The performance ratings can be tailored to the particular project?
Heating and cooling are possible
The temperature curves below for various types of heating show that theoretically ideal heating is best approximated by the curve for subfloor heating systems. This positive effect is further enhanced by the pleasant thermal radiation

Floor coverings
Elastic coverings
Textile coverings
Ceramic, Natural stone, Artificial stone

System specifications
System designation Floor and more
Type FMC40-AL FMC44-AL
Panel/material A calcium sulphate panel with profiled edges and surface profiling to accommodate plastic installation lines, which are later sealed with a filler; aluminium foil on bottom side
Dimensions 600 x 600 mm (23.6”x23.6”)
Panel thickness 40 mm (1.6”) 40 mm (1.6”)
System weight1 12.7 lbs/ft2?(62 kg/m2) 14.3 lbs/ft2?(62 kg/m2)
With construction heights?
> 500 mm (19.7”)
Steel pedestals RO stringers
Construction height2 69 ? 800 mm (2.7” ? 31.5”)
Load capacity rating (Nominal load) See “STATICS“ supplement
Building-material rating of the panel
Fire-resistance rating
A1 (non-combustible) F30 / REI 30
Heating capacity4 62 W/m (18.9 W/ft) 66 W/m (20.1 W/ft)
Cooling capacity5 39 W/m (11.9 W/ft)
Permissible system pressure6 <= 10 bar
Suitability of covering7 Textile coverings
Elastic coverings
Ceramic, Natural stone, Artificial stone

1) Floor height 150 mm (5.9”) (FFH), without covering
2) Special heights available on request
3) According to DIN 4102/EN 13 501
4) According to DIN EN 12 64-1, dt = 12 k, without floor covering
5) According to DIN EN 47 15-1, dt = 10 k, without floor covering
6) Depends on the plastic installation lines used
7) Suitability for underfloor heating is a prerequisite?

Diagram: Heating
Heat-flow density
(without floor covering): 66 W/m2
Excess temperature of heating agent: 12 K
(According to DIN EN 1264 -1/3, DIN 4725-4)
Temperature lag Rl, floor covering [m2K/W]:
(Reference values)
Carpet 0.07.? 0.23
Ceramic tiles 0.02
PVC 0.01

Diagram: Cooling
Cooling capacity:
Without floor covering: 39 W/m2
Cooling temperature: 10 K
(According to DIN 4715-1)





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