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From copper to fiber, the Hyperline system of products includes everything you need for installation, termination, testing and troubleshooting. And our level of technical expertise, training and customer support ensures that your total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

 Telecommunication Cabinets and Racks, Outdoor Cabinets, Industrial Enclosures, Control Desks, pages 1-212, 18.8 MB

Filter fans and exhaust filters


Filter fans and exhaust filters
1) Example of ventilation of the cabinet with forced air circulation
2) Filter fans
3) Exhaust filter
Intended for mounting in side panels and doors of the cabinet
Fastened with latches and screws
Enclosure made of ABS material, light grey (RAL 7035)
Equipped with high quality filter inserts and gaskets
Ability to change the direction of air flow by switching the fan

Technical data
Filter fans available in ten options with the following capacity:
- capacity: from 706 to 26.134 ft³/h (20 to 740 m³/h) (air flow through filter fan)
- capacity with exhaust filter: from 565 to 18.717 ft³/h (16 to 530 m³/h) (air flow through the cabinet equipped with 1 filter fan and 1 exhaust filter)
Type of fan supply:
- 230 V, 50/60 Hz,
- 115 V, 50/60 Hz,
- 24 V DC
(only fans with capacity up to 8.829 ft³/h (250 m³/h))
Protection degree:
IP 54 in accordance with PN 92/E-08106/EN60529/IEC 529

For cabinet width, mm (in) Gland plates width, mm (in) Package Catalog number
800 (31.5) 656 (25.8) 1 set GP-1K
1200 or 600
(47.2 or 23.6)
18 (456) 1 set GP-2K
39.4 (1000) 16 (406) 1 set GP-3K

Methods of fastening movable gland plates in bottom plate of cabinet
All cabinets include: movable gland plates without foam (1, 2 and 3, above)
Supplementary accessories: movable gland plates with sealing foam (4 and 5, above) for use in place of standard gland plates without foam (1, 2, above)

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