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From copper to fiber, the Hyperline system of products includes everything you need for installation, termination, testing and troubleshooting. And our level of technical expertise, training and customer support ensures that your total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

Multi-service Communication Hybrid Cable

1 – Jacket
2 – Protective skin
3 – Rip-cord
4 – Coaxial cable
5 – Fiber optic cable
6 – Copper cable
The cable meets UL 1581 VW-1 standard

The cable consists of 2 RG-6 coaxial cables designed for cable television signal or any other similar applications transfer, 2 unshielded cables of category 5e (UTP) designed for data transfer, and fiber optic cable.
Cable is used for indoor installation.

Conductive material: copper messenger, monolithic; annealed soft electrolytic copper wire; optical fiber 62.5/ 125; conductor insulation: HDPE
Fiber insulation: secondary buffer coating (tight buffer)
Dielectric: low density cellular polyethylene
Armoring and waterproofing: aramid yarns
Inner jacket: fire-resistant PVC-compound; outer jacket: PVC-compound

Technical characteristics:
Outer cable diameter: 16 mm (0.63")
Minimum bend radius: 180 mm (7.08")
Installation temperature: 0°C – +40°C (+32°F – +104°F)
Operating temperature: -10°C – +60°C (+14°F – +140°F)
Weight per 1000 ft (304.8 m): 61.9 kg (136.4 lbs)

Copper cable:
Conductor diameter: 0.02" (0.51 mm) (24 AWG)
Insulated conductor diameter: 0.9 ± 0.02 mm (0.035" ± 0.0008")

Fiber optic cable:
Fiber diameter: 2 x 125 ± 1μm
Fiber jacket diameter: 900 μm

Coaxial cable:
Conductor diameter: 1.02 mm (0.04") (18 AWG)
Dielectric diameter: 4.57 mm (0.18")
Jacket thickness: 0.8 mm (0.031")
Cable outer diameter: 6.9 mm (0.27")
Shield: 0.16 mm (0.006"), cover – 60% minimum, aluminum foil

Electrical characteristics:
Coaxial cable:
Voltage rating 3000 V
Wave impedance 75 Ohm
Propagation velocity 83%
Test frequency up to 3 GHz
Electric capacity 53.1 pF/m (16.18 pF/ft)
CC-2RG6-2U5eS-FO Multi-service Communication Hybrid Cable
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