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 Floor-standing cabinets, pages 10-50, 4.44 MB

CBk 19" cabinet compatible with EMC standard



CBk 19' cabinet

CBk cabinet is a CB cabinet adapted for 19" equipment that requires electromagnetic protection (EMC). It's manufactured in 24 standard sizes, a combination of six heights, two widths, and two depths.

The standard cabinet consists of a welded frame, front door, two side panels, rear panel, roof, four mounting profiles, grounding strip, a set of grounding cables and four leveling feet. Castors or plinth can be ordered as supplementary accessories. The frame's top plate is solid, whereas the bottom plate has a 380 x 380 mm (15" x 15") opening that enables cable entry through the cable channel, which is situated in the room's floor. The blanking plate can cover the opening. Upon request the blanking plate can also be fitted with copper gland seals.

The cabinet interior is equipped with four mounting profiles for 19" equipment mounting. The profiles can be fixed at the necessary depth with defined pitch. The 800 mm (31.5") wide cabinet has mounting profiles fixed on special outriggers. Extra spaces between profiles and side panels can be used for leading cable, or any other application on customer's request.

Side and rear panels are fixed with screws to the cabinet's frame. Doors are fitted with a rod-latch lock. Both door and side panels, as well as the bottom plate's blanking plate, are galvanic joined to the cabinet frame through the application of special electroconductive gaskets. These cabinets can't be bayed in a row because of the door overhang.

CBk 19' cabinet scheme

CBk 19' cabinet scheme
  1. Side panel
  2. Rear panel
  3. Front door
  4. Roof
  5. Mounting profile
  6. Grounding bar
Height of base H1:
Feet: 25 – 50 mm (1" – 2")
Plinth: 100 or 200 mm (3.9" or 7.9")
Castors, type 150: 108 mm (4.25")
Castors, type 300: 129 mm (5.07")

Frame – 2 mm (0.08") thick sheet steel
Side panels – 1.5 m (0.06") thick sheet steel
Doors – 1.5 mm (0.06") thick sheet steel
Mounting profiles – 2 mm (0.08") thick sheet steel
Roof – 1 mm (0.04") thick sheet steel

Surface finish:
Frame, roof, panels, doors, plinth – textured powder paint, light grey (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005).
All other color options are available on request. Mounting profiles – Al-Zn coated.

Protection degree:
IP 61 in accordance with PN 92/E-08106/EN 60529/IEC 529

CBk cabinet was subjected to shielding efficiency tests at the Compatibility and Acoustic Laboratory of the Institute of Technology. On the basis of measurements carried out at the laboratory, the cabinet's shielding efficiency was specified in the frequency range from100 kHz up to 1 GHz.

Cabinet's shielding efficiency for the horizontal component of the magnetic field

CBk 19' cabinet

Cabinet's shielding efficiency for the vertical component of the magnetic field
CBk 19' cabinet

Tests revealed that the average screening efficiency of the CBk cabinet for magnetic field frequency range from 100 kHz up to 30 MHz reaches 30 dB

Cabinet's shielding efficiency for the horizontal component of the magnetic field
CBk 19' cabinet

Cabinet's shielding efficiency for the vertical component of the magnetic field
CBk 19' cabinet

An average shielding efficiency of the CBk cabinet for electric field frequency range from 30 MHz up to 1 GHz is more than 35 dB.

Reference chart
Overall width W,
mm (in)
Frame depth D,
mm (in)
Catalog number
800 (31.5) 800 (31.5) CBk-458080 CBk-428080 CBk-408080 CBk-388080 CBk-328080 CBk-248080
600 (23.6) CBk-458060 CBk-428060 CBk-408060 CBk-388060 CBk-328060 CBk-248060
600 (23.6) 800 (31.5) CBk-456080 CBk-426080 CBk-406080 CBk-386080 CBk-326080 CBk-246080
600 (23.6) CBk-456060 CBk-426060 CBk-406060 CBk-386060 CBk-326060 CBk-246060
Useful height (1U = 44.45 mm (1.75")) 45U 42U 40U 38U 32U 24U
Frame height H, mm (in) 2096 (82.52) 1963 (77.28) 1874 (73.78) 1785 (70.28) 1519 (59.80) 1163 (45.78)


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