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 Floor-standing cabinets, pages 10-50, 4.44 MB

CB 19" data communications floor-standing cabinets



CB cabinet, width 600 mm (23,6') with fully glazed door 
CB cabinet, width 600 mm(23.6") with fully glass door
CB cabinet, width 1000 mm (39.37') with fully glazed door 
CB cabinet, width 1000 mm (39.37") with fully glass door
CB cabinet, width 600 mm (23,6') with steel door 
CB cabinet, width600 mm (23.6") with steel door
CB cabinet, width 600 mm (23,6') with glass door in steel frame 
CB cabinet, width 600 mm (23.6") with glass door in steel frame
CB cabinets are universal data communication cabinets designed for indoor applications in both office and industrial rooms. There are 144 cabinet standard sizes, a combination of twelve heights, three widths, and four depths. All variations are specified in the reference chart of CB cabinets. The CB Cabinet basic construction consists of a frame with openings in the bottom and the top plate. The top plate is protected by the roof. The sides, front, and rear of the cabinet can be equipped with panels or doors. Panels are mounted to the frame by two locks, enabling quick dismantling and easy access. All locks are opened with a single key. The frame can be placed directly on the floor, leveling feet; it can be supplied with castors or a permanent plinth.

The cabinet's interior is equipped with four mounting profiles fastened to cross bars that are fixed to the posts. They are designed to mount 19" modules. In 31.5" (800 mm) wide cabinets, outriggers are used in order to get 19" spacing, and a vertical blanking plate can cover any extra space between the front mounting profile and the side of the cabinet. In addition to the 19” section, the 39.4" (1000 mm) wide cabinet has one more working section which is 15.7" (400 mm) wide. Unlike the 19" section, it does not have an opening in the frame's top plate. Additionally, four supporting angle bars are used instead of mounting profiles, and side panels are substituted for the doors. Cables are inserted either through the top or bottom plate's openings and cable entries, which can be situated in the roof, base, or beneath the shortened door or panel. The top or base plate's openings also enable installation of the ventilation panels, or various blanking plates that protect the equipment from dust.

These cabinets can be bayed in rows. The frame sides are attached to each other by means of four connecting bolts fixed to the slotted cross-bars of the frame. This arrangement does not require side panels. The Catalog number specifies a particular configuration of the standard CB cabinet. A wide range of CB cabinets is offered in the reference chart. Specific configurations must be confirmed by Hyperline Sales Department.

Modular system of CB cabinets:
The most common floor-standing cabinets are 42U and 45U. 24U and 40U cabinets are often designed for installation of network and data communication equipment in offices and work areas. However, customers sometimes require a cabinet with a non-standard height.

Ordering a non-standard cabinet can delay an order as it requires additional time for cabinet production and delivery. This does not always suit the customer’s immediate needs. In such instances where special cabinet dimensions are required and time is a critical factor, the modular cabinets system can be used as an alternative.

The modular system offers the possibility of joining floor-standing cabinets together in order to increase height. It is necessary to remove the roof from one cabinet and put the standard square screws in the openings for top plate mounting. Then another cabinet should be placed on the first cabinet with the removed roof. The two cabinets should be fixed to each other by means of M6 screws through the openings for bottom plate mounting. The newly built cabinet consists of two sections with a cable entry plate between them.

Upon customer's request these two sections can be isolated from each other with a steel plate or cable entry plate with brush/ foam strip installed between them. Each section has its own door, thus offering organized and separate access. Cable is led through the openings in the top and bottom plates, cable entry plates in the roof and plinth, under the shortened door or the side panels. The openings in top and bottom plates can be used for a fan unit and blanking plate mounting to protect the equipment from dust.

With the modular system it is possible to build cabinets of any height, by using a large number of sections. The joining of sections can be performed at different levels. The section height can be chosen with accuracy of 1U. The different sections can also be fitted with different types of front doors.

Our wide range of floor-standing cabinets (144 standard sizes) with different dimensions (height – from 10U to 45U), width – 600 mm (23.62"), 800 mm (31.5"), 1000 mm (39.4) and depth – 350 mm (13.78"), 450 mm (17.71"), 600 mm (23.62"), 800 mm (31.5"), offers a solution for any problem and meet all customer's requirements.

Modular cabinets look aesthetically pleasing and match many office interiors. These cabinets are the best solution for small offices requiring network upgrading, where it is necessary to install additional equipment.

Frame – sheet steel 2 mm (0.08")
Side panels – sheet steel 1 mm (0.04")

Steel door – sheet steel 1 mm (0.04")
Glass door in steel frame – sheet steel 1.5 mm (0.06"), plexiglas 4 mm (0.16")
Glass door – hardened glass 5 mm (0.2")
19" mounting profiles – sheet steel 2 mm (0.08")
Surface finish:
Frame, roof, side panels, doors and plinth are painted with powder textured paints RAL 7035 (grey) or RAL 9005 (black).
Application of any other color must be confirmed with the Sales Department. 19" mounting profiles are zinc coated.
Protection degree:
Protection degree of IP41 applies exclusively to cabinets equipped with non-perforated standard roof that adheres tightly to the frame, with steel door and side panels also without perforation. The cables should enter from the cable channel situated in the bottom plate of the cabinet. Optional entry is through the blanking plate with rubber gland seals.

  1. Frame with attached mounting profiles
  2. Glass door
  3. Plexiglas door in steel frame
  4. Steel shortened door with perforation
  5. Blanking plate
  6. Steel door (full cabinet's height)
  7. Steel side door
  8. Standard roof
  9. Roof with opening for blanking plate
  10. Roof with brush opening
  11. Roof with two brush openings
  12. Plinth – height 100 mm (3.94")
  13. Leveling feet (stationary version)
  14. Castors – type 150 (mobile version)

The picture represents the standard configuration of CB cabinet.

Height of base H1:
Leveling feet: from 25 to 50 mm (from 1" to 2")
Plinth: 100 or 200 mm (3.9" or 7.9")
Castors, type 150: 108 mm (4.25")
Castors, type 300: 129 mm (5.07")
Reference chart
Useful height, HU mm (in)
(1U = 44.45 mm (1.75"))
D mm (in)
1000 mm (39.4") 800 mm (31.5") 600 mm (23.6")
45U 800 (31.5) CB-451080-FG CB-458080-FG CB-456080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-451060-FG CB-458060-FG CB-456060-FG
450 (17.7) CB-451045-FG CB-458045-FG CB-456045-FG
350 (13.8) CB-451035-FG CB-458035-FG CB-456035-FG
42U 800 (31.5) CB-421080-FG CB-428080-FG CB-426080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-421060-FG CB-428060-FG CB-426060-FG
450 (17.7) CB-421045-FG CB-428045-FG CB-426045-FG
350 (13.8) CB-421035-FG CB-428035-FG CB-426035-FG
40U 800 (31.5) CB-401080-FG CB-408080-FG CB-406080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-401060-FG CB-408060-FG CB-406060-FG
450 (17.7) CB-401045-FG CB-408045-FG CB-406045-FG
350 (13.8) CB-401035-FG CB-408035-FG CB-406035-FG
38U 800 (31.5) CB-381080-FG CB-388080-FG CB-386080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-381060-FG CB-388060-FG CB-386060-FG
450 (17.7) CB-381045-FG CB-388045-FG CB-386045-FG
350 (13.8) CB-381035-FG CB-388035-FG CB-386035-FG
36U 800 (31.5) CB-361080-FG CB-368080-FG CB-366080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-361060-FG CB-368060-FG CB-366060-FG
450 (17.7) CB-361045-FG CB-368045-FG CB-366045-FG
350 (13.8) CB-361035-FG CB-368035-FG CB-366035-FG
32U 800 (31.5) CB-321080-FG CB-328080-FG CB-326080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-321060-FG CB-328060-FG CB-326060-FG
450 (17.7) CB-321045-FG CB-328045-FG CB-326045-FG
350 (18.5) CB-321035-FG CB-328035-FG CB-326035-FG
28U 800 (31.5) CB-281080-FG CB-288080-FG CB-286080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-281060-FG CB-288060-FG CB-286060-FG
450 (17.7) CB-281045-FG CB-288045-FG CB-286045-FG
350 (13.8) CB-281035-FG CB-288035-FG CB-286035-FG
24U 800 (31.5) CB-241080-FG CB-248080-FG CB-246080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-241060-FG CB-248060-FG CB-246060-FG
450 (17.7) CB-241045-FG CB-248045-FG CB-246045-FG
350 (13.8) CB-241035-FG CB-248035-FG CB-246035-FG
18U 800 (31.5) CB-181080-FG CB-188080-FG CB-186080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-181060-FG CB-188060-FG CB-186060-FG
450 (17.7) CB-181045-FG CB-188045-FG CB-186045-FG
350 (13.8) CB-181035-FG CB-188035-FG CB-186035-FG
15U 800 (31.5) CB-151080-FG CB-158080-FG CB-156080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-151060-FG CB-158060-FG CB-156060-FG
450 (17.7) CB-151045-FG CB-158045-FG CB-156045-FG
350 (13.8) CB-151035-FG CB-158035-FG CB-156035-FG
12U 800 (31.5) CB-121080-FG CB-128080-FG CB-126080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-121060-FG CB-128060-FG CB-126060-FG
450 (177) CB-121045-FG CB-128045-FG CB-126045-FG
350 (13.8) CB-121035-FG CB-128035-FG CB-126035-FG
10U 800 (31.5) CB-101080-FG CB-108080-FG CB-106080-FG
600 (23.6) CB-101060-FG CB-108060-FG CB-106060-FG
450 (17.7) CB-101045-FG CB-108045-FG CB-106045-FG
350 (13.8) CB-101035-FG CB-108035-FG CB-106035-FG
Reference numbers indicated in the CHART specify cabinets with glass door (FG).
All the cabinets are also available with steel door (FS) and glass door in steel frame (WG).


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