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American Tech Supply is now an authorized Hyperline distributor

From copper to fiber, the Hyperline system of products includes everything you need for installation, termination, testing and troubleshooting. And our level of technical expertise, training and customer support ensures that your total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.


CL (h = 41 mm (1.6”)) and CM (h = 84 mm (3.3”)) profiles are made of coldbent, galvanized steel sheet. The grid for the pedestals is 600 x 600 mm (23.6” x 23.6”). The profiles are fastened from below by supporting heads using a spring-clip, fastened in the longitudinally all the way through, and crosswise at lengths of?558 mm?(22”).
With the CM stringer it is possible to install pedestals with a grid of 600 x 1200 mm?(23.6” x 47.2”).?This variation is useful when the density of the installation is high.
With different dimensions for the profiles, loading of up to 2.000 N (2 kN) can be achieved. The exact load amount depends on the overall design.
CH126-2.4 C-profile, 126/40/126/2.0 mm (4.96"/1.57"/4.96"/0.078"), length 2.4 m (94.5")
CH126-5.4 C-profile, 126/40/126/2.0 mm (4.96"/1.57"/4.96"/0.078"), length 5.4 m (212.5")
CL41-0.5 C-profile, 41/40/41/1.0 mm (1.61"/1.57"/1.61"/0.04"), length 0.558 m (21.9")
CL41-2.4 C-profile, 41/40/41/1.0 mm (1.61"/1.57"/1.61"/0.04"), length 2.4 m (94.5")
CL41-5.4 C-profile, 41/40/41/1.0 mm (1.61"/1.57"/1.61"/0.04"), length 5.4 m (212.5")
CM84-0.5 C-profile, 84/40/84/1.7 mm (3.3"/1.57"/3.3"/0.07"), length 0.558 m (21.9")
CM84-2.4 C-Profile, 84/40/84/1.7 mm (3.3"/1.57"/3.3"/0.07"), length 2.4 m (94.5")
CM84-5.4 C-profile, 84/40/84/1.7 mm (3.3"/1.57"/3.3"/0.07"), length 5.4 m (212.5")


Item 1): Panel
Item 2): Wall connection tape
A wall junction strip allows expansion by the surfaces of raised floors caused by climatic conditions. A soft strip of foamed material produces evenly pre-stressed surfaces of raised floors with optimal joint fitting.
Item 3): Self-cutting screws
Self-cutting screws firmly connect sound dampening gaskets (“corner lock” type) to the pedestal heads.
Item 4): Aluminum paces
Equalizing plates of various thicknesses made of aluminum are available to equalize tolerances allowed.
Item 5): Sound dampening gasket
There are gaskets available matched precisely to our raised flooring pedestals, with the knobby forms necessary for the various panel types. These gaskets are made of a highly conductive, PVC-free PE (polyethylene) and/or PA (polyamide) ? with a slip-resistant surface on the tops of the plates. Our gaskets are labeled appropriately with regard to their environmentally friendly disposal. A variation of sound dampening gaskets includes gaskets with plastic sleeves, which lock into place in drilled holes on the reverse side of the raised floor panels. This system, which is called ”Corner Lock” system, clips onto the pedestal, or each nub is permanently fastened by means of self-cutting screws. This makes horizontal bracing possible without having to use stringers.
Item 6): Pedestal
Item 7): Mechanical lock
The mechanical lock prevents the unwanted height adjustments due to vibration caused by use of the floor system. Readjustments are possible at any time in the future.
Item 8): Anti-dust-sealant
The primary objective of sealing the structural floor is to bind dust to the surface of the unfinished concrete, and thus causing permanent adhesion of the pedestals. Visual effects, such as spots caused by varying degrees of absorption by the unfinished concrete, are of secondary importance. Paint coverings can be applied on request.?
Two sealant variations are used:
a) 1-K dispersion sealant for binding dust
b) 2-K epoxy resin sealant for binding dust and additional requirements, such as open-air conduction
Item 9): Pedestal adhesive
The standard pedestal adhesive used is a single-package PU adhesive system.
The setting time until the first loading: 20 hours
The setting time until the final hardness: 1 ? 2 weeks, depending on marginal conditions
Fast-setting adhesives with short liquid pot lives are available for special applications.

Gasket for C-profile
Gasket for C-profile
C-profile Gaskets are intended to have access floor panels installed on them. Dimension?60 x 60 mm?(2.4” x 2.4”).?Available in two variations: with 2 or 4 stops.
Fastened to the C-profile surface with a line of glue on the bottom of the gasket, which is protected by an adhered coating.

Special fitting on the top of the pedestal head used for attaching the bracing

C-profile connector

C-profile connector (cross connector)
Fastener used for perpendicular connection of C-profiles. Supplied with the screws SD 5SFS?5.5 x 19 mm?(0.2” x 0.7”).

Spring clip

Spring clip for fastening the C-profiles




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