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    Hendry Fiber Management Bays-Hendry Fiber Network Bay- Hendry Enclosures-Hendry Data Cabinets-Computer Racks Rack Systems-Hendry Racks

    American Tech Supply carries a complete line of Hendry fiber management bays, Hendry fiber network bay, relay racks,ladder racks, data cabinets, raceway systems, distribution racks, cable management racks and enclosures for very application from the telephone closet to the network room to your co-location data center. Call us today for a price quote at (866) 650-DATA.

    We Now Carry Hendry & Newton Racks and Accesories

    Steel Fiber Management Bay- Part Number ATS-02308


    * The 7'-0" Fiber Management Bay is designed to support 300 lbs of equipment in Zone 4 seismic areas. Additional dampening panels should be used in open areas to increase stiffness.
    * The Fiber Management Bay is equivalent to the standard Fiber Cross Connect Bay.
    * Provides for 2" x 23" mounting panels as standard.
    * Equipment mounting holes are provided on the front and back flange of the frame to give added flexibility. Drilled and tapped to receive many options and accessories.
    * Parts kit contains: 10 jumper retainers, 12 cable duct brackets, left and right cable retainers, 4 cable retainer brackets, left and right duct walls, and top and base trough. Order part number 02308-02.
    * All mounting hardware is supplied.
    * Jumper retainers provide verticle cable management.
    * Top and base troughs provide horizontal rack to rack cable management.
    * Different RMU options are available. See the Options and Ordering Information page.

    MATERIAL- Steel
    FIBER MANAGEMENT BAY- 02308-01F is built upon a 02043-01F; 02309-01F is built upon a 02041-01F
    MTG. HOLES- 12-24 tapped
    BRACKETS & TOP/BASE TROUGHS- 13 gauge steel
    FINISH- Telephone gray, polyurethane, textured powder coating. For network blue finish add +50 to part #
    JUMPER RETAINERS- White only


    West Coast (866) 342-3721 ------East Coast (866) 650-DATA

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