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Four Post Racks

Four Post Racks
Dimensions: 84.00″H x 20.31″W (rail depth ranges from 24″ to 36″)
Rack Spaces: 45 RMU, 19″ EIA 310-D Compliant Mounting

Weight Capacity:1000 lbs.; 1250 lbs. when networked
Construction: 12 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel and Extruded Aluminum
Shipping Weight: Please see part no. description
Four Post Racks
Part No. Description
4P1224-24 24″D Rack with #12-24 mounting; aluminum upright construction and steel bracket set (includes mounting hardware); 3 cartons totaling 64 lbs.
4P1224-29 Same as above except with 29″D; 3 cartons totaling 65 lbs.
4P1224-32 Same as above except with 32″D; 3 cartons totaling 68 lbs.
4P1224-36 Same as above except with 36″D; 3 cartons totaling 69 lbs.
4PM6-24 24″D Rack with M6 mounting; cold rolled steel construction (includes mounting hardware); 3 cartons totaling 82 lbs.
4PM6-29 Same as above except with 29″D; 3 cartons totaling 63 lbs.
4PM6-32 Same as above except with 32″D; 3 cartons totaling 86 lbs.
4PM6-36 Same as above except with 36″D; 3 cartons totaling 87 lbs.
Part No. Description
7215-20ARTLP 16 position, 20 amp Power Strip with circuit breaker and 15 ft. cord
PSBGLRR Vertical power strip mounting bracket
1984-VCM10 7’H x 10″D double sided vertical cable management trough with 6″W x 5″D cable runs
1984-VCM10C Single hinged cover for 1984-VCM10
CM-07 Waterfall Cable Management Trough
7206-FR-AHD Stationary Shelf, 17.50″W x 22.25″D, 200 lb. weight capacity, 1 RMU
7206-FR-A32HD Stationary Shelf, 17.50″W x 32.00″D, 300 lb. weight capacity, 1 RMU
7206-PKB-MT Stationary Shelf, 17.25″W x 18.00″D, 60 lb. weight capacity, 2 RMU
7206-FRSL-ADHD Sliding Shelf, 17.50″W x 26.00″D, 110 lb. weight capacity, 2 RMU
GL-RMUTA Package of 4 RMU Labels in ascending order (1 on the bottom, 45 on the top)
GL-RMUTD Package of 4 RMU Labels in descening order (1 on the top, 45 on the bottom)
FMSBKT Front Mount Support Brackets;

American Tech Supply is a national data cabinet supplier and as a data cabinet distributor and carries the complete line of Great Lakes Data Cabinets, Great Lakes Water Cooled Cabinets, Great Lakes Data Rack Enclosures,Great Lakes Network Racks,Great Lakes Relay Racks, Great Lakes Cable Management Racks,Great Lakes Equipment Racks, and Great Lakes Rack Systems. Great Lakes Cabinets and Rack Systems are recognized around the globe as strong reliable partners in the areas of telecommunications and data communications, server network and technology, medical technology and, of course, security, and traffic control technology. The Great Lakes line of racks and data cabinets quality has been setting traditionally recognized high standards for several decades. Our standardised and customer-specific solutions are reflections of our innovative engineering know-how, which characterizes and provides the impetus for progress in these markets. Perfect solutions incorporating mechanical, electronic and thermal components qualify us as one of the global market leaders for highly developed, modular rack and enclosure systems for indoor and outdoor applications.
The global presence, the innovative and aesthetic design, a mature platform of standard products and the recognized high degree of integration competence, supplemented by outstanding time-to-market results.

Great Lakes Water Cooled Data Cabinet

American Tech Supply is a data cabinet distributor for Great Lakes and carries a complete line of data cabinets, data enclosures, open bay racks, relay racks, LAN racks, enclosures, fiber optic enclosures, Zone 4 Racks, zone 4 data cabinets and seismic cabinets for data centers, communication closets, and communications centers. We also have Zone 4 data cabinets and zone 4 realay racks for earthquake enclosures preparedness and national security. The zone 4 seismic data cabinets are a new line of proven technology from Xmark designed specifically for Zone 4 earthquake requirements. We carry zone 4 racks manufactured by ESW (formerly Encore), Quest, Great Lakes, Great Lakes,Synergy, Xmark and others for Zone 4 data cabinet earthquake applications and zone 4 enclosure environments. These zone 4 racks or zone 4 enclosures are built out of 10 gauge steel and this steel welded Channel rack has been designed for the Bell System and has been tested and approved to Pacific Bell Static Seismic Test PBS-000-102PT.
Seismic Cabinets.ets.








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