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Great Lakes 8kw Cooling Racks-8Kw Cooling Racks-Great Lakes Cabinets- Great Lakes Data Cabinets-Great Lakes 4kw Cooling Racks,4Kw Cooling Racks- Cooling Data Cabinets

Welcome to Data Center Power and Data Cabinet Cooling for the Future

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American Tech Supply is a Tier One direct distributor of Great Lakes Case and Cabinets and offers the complete line of Great Lakes Data Cabinets, Great Lakes Water Cooled Data Cabinets,Closed Loop Water Cooled Enclosures and their entire line of 2 post racks, 4 post racks and data center racking systems. Most Great Lakes standard data cabinets and racks ship same or next day after receipt of order. The Great Lakes Chilled Water Cooled Systems are not same day or next day as they have to be custom -built based on your engineering requirements. Please choose the chilled or cooling system you need below. Our representatives will work with you on putting together complimentary engineering services to customize your data center cooling needs. Please call us at (866) 342-3721 or email us for further information.

ATS is now a Tier 1 Distributor of Great Lakes Cabinets! Great Lakes SPECIALIZES IN same OR next DAY SHIPPING ON ALL DATA CABINETS AND RACKS!- More details

8 kW Cooling options make the most of the core elements included in each Great Lakes ES Series Enclosure

A Medium (8 KW) cooling solution can also be easily implemented

4-8 kW Cooling options make the most of the core elements included in each Great Lakes ES Series Enclosure

These basic accessories provide a simple approach designed to maximize the amount of conditioned air made available to cool the servers,while expediting the removal of hot air through the rear of the enclosure. While actual matrices will be based on the type of infrastructure associated with a specific data center design and its overall CRAC output, the Great Lakes ES Enclosure is targeted at the delivery of at least a 4-8 kW load per enclosure cooling solution, with only the most basic of enclosure options, to include:

Mesh front and mesh rear doors (designed to provide strength and rigidity,
along with 63% open area)

An option for a Rear, Split-fan door to expedite the removal of hot air from the enclosure

The ES Series
The ES Series enclosure is designed to accommodate servers and the challenging conditions associated with them, from high density population, to extensive cable management, power and cooling requirements. As demands placed on server enclosures continue to grow, Great Lakes has responded to the challenge with deeper enclosures, more functional accessories and innovative engineering designs that can meet the evolving needs of data center managers. As is the case with any Great Lakes enclosure, the ES Series is able to accommodate the equipment, cable and connectivity of any manufacturer, allowing the data center manager the most flexibility possible in design and supplier selection.
A Medium (8 KW) cooling solution can also be easily implemented

In order to increase the cooling effect within the enclosure, the goal remains to direct conditioned air and to restrict the possibility of hot air recirculation. At the same time, any proposed solution must also allow for any desired cable management in the front of an enclosure.

The use of the Great Lakes Brush Grommet Kit, designed to mount to the proprietary Flexible Mounting Profile* found in each Great Lakes rail, helps to prevent bypass air flow and to keep conditioned air in the front of the enclosure. While brush grommet prevents hot air recirculation and prevents conditioned air from passing by the equipment mounted within the enclosure, it still allows for any desired cable management within the enclosure.

A Medium Cooling solution could also include optional fans in the front mesh door in order to accelerate the intake of conditioned air into the front of the cabinet, as well as its movement through the equipment mounted within. The employment of split fan rear doors can assist in the removal of hot air from the enclosure. This solution can be further enhanced by the installation of an optional fixed/adjustable ducted chimney to channel the natural upward movement of hot air, removing it from the enclosure through an upper rear opening to which the chimney may be attached. Heat removal may be further activated by the addition of an exhaust fan, to be mounted within the chimney.

This Medium Cooling Solution is targeted at the delivery of 8 kW through the use of some simple enclosure options and accessories. Actual cooling shall be based on the options, accessories and techniques employed, as well as the conditions and efficiency of the computer room air conditioning system employed in the data center.

*The Flexible Mounting Profile (FMP) is a series of holes along each rail, installed at one-RMU increments, and located outside the standard pattern for all EIA rail-mounted equipment. From copper bus bars to cable rings, cable managment posts and other accessories, the design and manufacture of Great Lakes rails is so strong that virtually nothing mounted to the FMP will take away from the dimensional stability of the rail itself.

The rails in Great Lakes’ ES series enclosure are #12 gauge steel, formed three times for
added strength. An ES enclosure can support more than 2,000 pounds of mounted equipment.

The next most aggressive approach would be a high cooling solution

3D computational thermal analysis of
GL840ES-2442 was independently tested and verified by Naissus Thermal Management Solutions, Inc.

With air manager (and optional chimney)
Actual temperature will be based on actual data center conditions

In a typical raised floor data center, conditioned air moving vertically from a raised floor or empty data center space (white space) is being asked to pass into an enclosure, in order to cool the equipment mounted inside. The result is a lot of “white space” being cooled.

The Adjustable Air Manager mounts in the bottom of a Great Lakes ES Series Enclosure on a raised floor to bring the conditioned air inside the enclosure closer to (and helping it pass though) the equipment to be cooled. A simple slide on the Air Manager allows you to control the flow of conditioned air coming into the bottom of the cabinet. This increases air flow to and lowers intake temperatures in the front of the equipment, while also maintaining air pressure within the enclosure

The Air Manager also uses the Great Lakes concept ofAccelerated Ambient Cooling to greatly improve the efficiency of the available conditioned air intended to cool equipment mounted within the enclosure. By managing and directing the available conditioned air, it nearly eliminates bypass air flow outside the enclosure.

This effect can be further enhanced through the use of an optional high-efficiency fan unit, mounted within the Air Manager to increase the acceleration of air into the enclosure. Other compatible accessories include Great Lakes’ Brush Grommet Kit to keep any conditioned air from bypassing the equipment mounted within the enclosure.

An optional Exhaust Chimney can further increase CRAC unit efficiency by directing hot air to the system return, completing the “loop”. In essence, this “localizes containment” at the enclosure level. The use of these optional accessories helps the enclosure to do everything it can to maximize the existing conditions within a given data center, without adding any additional, outside cooling.

This High Cooling Solution would be targeted at the delivery of 10 kW, based on the various options, accessories and techniques employed, as well as the conditions and efficiency of the computer room air conditioning system employed in.

The most active and aggressive solution without additional cooling from an outside source
involves the use of Great Lakes' Lake Effect

High Performance Vanaxial Fans
Thermal Enclosure (10 kW+)

The Lake Effect Thermal Enclosure utilizes the proprietary concept of “accelerated ambient cooling” to provide an even flow of available low temperature air to the front intake face of servers and equipment mounted inside the cabinet. That air is accelerated and directed by an 8 RMU fan box, within a pressurized plenum chamber, to more efficiently cool the mounted equipment, while minimizing any chance of by-pass airflow. This approach creates an environment which allows for the delivery of air at the same temperature and quality to the face of every server in the cabinet.

The Lake Effect server enclosure utilizes high performance vanaxial fans and the entire fan box draws less than 2 amps, allowing the Lake Effect enclosure to create a functional usable air environment with minimal power requirements.

(The number of servers which may be placed in an enclosed cabinet is directly related to the amount of air available to cool the equipment. The temperature available at the base of the fan box is limited to the ambient temperature associated with computer room air conditioning (CRAC) or base room temperature.)

The Lake Effect enclosure offers an environmentally responsible approach: requiring no infrastructure changes to implement. It can be deployed across a data center or employed selectively for high-density cabinets. The Lake Effect can be placed, configured and become operational immediately, maximizing available ambient air, conditioned or not.

3D Computational Thermal Analysis was independently tested and verified by Flomerics, using Flotherm software. Computer models were coupled with powerful fluid dynamic software that predicts airflow and heat transfer in and around electronic equipment. Model includes thirty-six 1 RMU servers dissipating 10,000 watts total, 10 kW+ (continuous load) equipment load, and even temperature across equipment intakes. (Intake ambient air 65°F, 1224 CFM at 1/8" H20 static pressure.)
Click below to view item
GL-8404E-M29 Bevel mesh door (accepts 7217LE3 door fans) for 84"H x 29"W Base Unit $470.88
GL-8404E-MC24 Mesh Contour Steel Door - $370.78
GL-8402E-29SM Split mesh door for 84"H x 29"W Base Unit $420.04
GL-8404E-29 Plexiglas door with locking swing handle for 84"H x 29"W Base Unit $206.07
GL-8411-36ELL Pair locking lift-off louvered side panels for 84"H x 36"D Base Unit $309.09
GL-TPES-S Solid Top Panel for ES & LE Racks for 29"W Base Unit $53.89
GL-TPES-P Perforated Top Panel for ES & LE Racks for 29"W Base Unit $55.48
GL-TPES-F Top Panel with Fan Assembly for ES & LE Racks for 29"W Base Unit $261.53
GL-TPES-F10 550 CFM 10" Fan Top Panel for ES & LE Racks for 29"W Base Unit $277.40
GL-TPES-2F10 2 x 550 CFM 10" Fan Top Panel for ES & LE Racks for 29"W Base Unit $473.94
GL-LE-CM Vertical cable management tray (rear) - $180.38
GL-HCM-W29ES Waterfall cable management - $19.39
GL-VLB-8436 Vertical lacing bar kit (includes 1 vertical lacing bar, 2 horizontal lacing bars and 6 CM-01 cinch straps) for 84”H x 36”D enclosures $96.68
GL-875-FP19 8.75”H, 19” Rack Mounting 5 RMU $19.82
GL-1400-FP19 9 14.00”H, 19” Rack Mounting 8 RMU $24.78
49" 16 Position Power Strip w/ Circuit Breaker, 5-15P plug, 5-15R Receptacle (16 outlets) 49" Length $101.45
6 position power strip with circuit breaker (19" rack mounted) 49" Length $150.58
49" 16 Position Power Strip w/ Circuit Breaker, 5-20P plug, 5-20R Receptacle (16 outlets) 49" Length $166.43
16 position power strip w/circuit breaker & 5-20P plug 48" Length $315.43
GL-CH-01 Four digit combination handle - $52.88
GL-CH-02 Three digit combination handle - $77.11
GL-CH-03 Pad lock handle with key - $83.72
GL-CH-04 Pad lock handle - $77.11
GL-7217FT Fan tray with three 75 CFM fans  - $233.17
GL-7217FT-3 Front & rear mount, adjustable fan tray w/ three 75 CFM fans - $324.94
GL-7217FT-6 Front & rear mount, adjustable fan tray w/ six 75 CFM fans - $388.35
GL-7217FT-9 Front & rear mount, adjustable fan tray w/ nine 75 CFM fans - $515.16
GL-7217-LE1 Fan Assembly w/ fan adaptation plate (installs in rear top) - $258.12
GL-FTBKT90 Fan Bracket to mount the 7217-FT fan at a 90 degree angle - $31.70
GL-FTC101 Fan Thermostat Controller
Thermostat controlled 15 amp duplex outlets, UL listed, CSA certified thermostat,
50° to 90°F / 10° to 30°C temperature range, 6 ft. cord
- $188.62
GL-7217LE3 Fan kit w/three 75 CFM fans (door fan for use with 8404E-M29) - $233.33
GL-LE-DP Divider panels (separates power from data) - $83.16
GL-LE-BKT Top Bonnet (accepts remote display) - $155.52
GL-HDW-105-25 Package of 25 M6 Cage Nuts with Screws 1.7 to 2.7mm Cage Nut / 12mm Screw - $25.34
GL-HDW-105-50 Package of 50 M6 Nuts with Screws 1.7 to 2.7mm Cage Nut / 12mm Screw - $40.03


American Tech Supply is a national data cabinet supplier for Great Lakes and as a Tier One Data Cabinet distributor we carry the entire line of Great Lakes Water Cooled Cabinets, Great Lakes Data Rack Enclosures,Network Racks,Relay Racks, Cable Management Racks, Equipment Racks, and Rack Systems. Great Lakes Cabinets and Rack Systems are recognized around the globe as strong reliable partners in the areas of telecommunications and data communications, server network and technology, medical technology and, of course, security, and traffic control technology. The Great Lakes line of racks and data cabinets quality has been setting traditionally recognized high standards for several decades. Our standardized and customer-specific solutions are reflections of our innovative engineering know-how, which characterizes and provides the impetus for progress in these markets. Perfect solutions incorporating mechanical, electronic and thermal components qualify us as one of the global market leaders for highly developed, modular rack and enclosure systems for indoor and outdoor applications. The global presence, the innovative and aesthetic design, a mature platform of standard products and the recognized high degree of integration competence, supplemented by outstanding time-to-market results. American Tech's products are compatible with the latest standards established by Dell, HP, IBM, Lanstar, Chatsworth. APW,Rittal,Hoffman and other server rack and data cabinet suppliers. With locations through the US, we serve all regions of the United States, Canada, Hawaii, AK and South America. Please call us for additional shipments at (866) 342-3721


The water cooled data cabinet or water cooled rack in a data center or equipment closet is now being classified as the most efficient means of transferring heat away from expensive equipment that may cost tens of thousands to replace if damaged. American Tech Supply as a leading rack supplier now carries a complete line of water cooled data cabinets and water cooled racks and carries the revolutionary water cooled data rack from Knurr and Emerson Network power for the ultimate in cooling and thermal temperature management for data cabinets and data centers with high temeperature requirements. The advantages of the simple and safe water cooled data cabinet and water cooled rack previously outweigh the disadvantage of the low heat transfer potential of gaseous coolants. In the meantime, the heat load in high-performance servers has exceeded the options of cost-effective cooling with air. The CoolTherm® range of 'water-cooled server cabinets or water cooled data cabinets' can provide a great advance in data cabinet thermal management, reducing computer room costs, while improving operational performance and reducing facility operating costs. Typical, high quantity conventional server cabinet layouts can effectively dissipate around 3.6kW each.


Knürr CoolTherm® water cooled racks and water cooled data cabinets are completely sealed off from the room air. The dissipation of the total power loss is made via an air-to-water heat exchanger in the base area or door of the rack, which is connected to the cold water system in the building. Redundant high-performance fans drive a closed cold air circulation in the rack’s interior. The built-in servers are supplied from the front with air that is brought to the right temperature of about 20–25°C (68 °F to 77 °F). The warmed air is collected at the rear topside in the rack, pushed down by the heat exchanger and back to the front, to the server front panels. There are no requirements for room thermal management; the rack system is fully independent from the room air. Knürr AG with its global front position in thermal management research and development once again sets the high technology standard. The company consequently already provides a water-cooled server rack in series production today – the Miracel CoolTherm. This highly efficient system does not divert any heat loads to the surrounding environment. Instead, the entire energy is routed via the cold water system of the building infrastructure. The computer units in the server rack are supplied with cooled air from the heat exchanger. Trade standard servers can consequently be used and simultaneously combine the advantages of water cooling with low space requirements and high heat transport. With the optimised heat exchanger and air guidance systems, the CoolTherm attains up to 20,000 watts cooling power. Water cooled racks-more info FOR MORE INFO OR CONTACT US -PLEASE VISIT OUR CONTACTS PAGE

A single CoolTherm® 19" data cabinet or data rack will manage a 22kW heat load, enabling an 80% reduction in present, typical conventional cabinet numbers within large data centers. Resultant floor space savings of significantly reduce the take-up of large areas of expensive computer room floor, as server power levels skyrocket.
Cabinet installation costs can also be halved and enormous year-on-year operational savings made in associated reductions in CRAC install and running costs.


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ATS is now a Tier 1 Distributor of Great Lakes Cabinets! Great Lakes SPECIALIZES IN same OR next DAY SHIPPING ON ALL DATA CABINETS AND RACKS!- More details



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American Tech Supply offers Newton Data Cabinets, Hoffman Data cabinets, Quest Data Cabinets, ESW Data Cabinets, Cooper Data Cabinets, B-Line Data Cabinets, Quest Data Cabinets, and cabinets from other manufacturers by request.

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We carry cable management racks, Wallmount Rack and wallmount rack solutions for applications ranging from data centers, server rooms, to all office envrironments. Not only will ATS will meet or beat all US based pricing- but will assist you in designing your network at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Call us for details at (866) 342-3721.

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On-demand architecture for Network-critical Physical Infrastructure in large data centers containing 100+ racks











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