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WDM's-Wave Division Multiplexers-Single Mode Wavelength Division Multiplexers (1310/ 1550)

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American Tech Supply carries WDM's -Wave Division Multiplexers from quality manufacturers including Photonic Component's high quality Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDMs) which are ideal for capacity upgrades and are used in telecommunication systems, CATV, High Speed Data and Metropolitan Area Networks. WDM's or wave division multiplexers, allow users to extend the reach of their networks while simultaneously doubling capacity. The WDM enables two separate data streams to reside on a single fiber segment. Each stream is combined (Wavelength multiplexed) by one WDM device and later, separated (de-multiplexed) by the other. Data streams then flow in parallel, as discrete, virtual channels, to individual ports or separate devices. Our products exceed applications requiring multichannel analog with high speed digital, high power 1550 nm systems with a 1310 nm system as a "mean" for narrow casting, and multichannel analog forward systems with digital and analog return schemes. Each Wave Division Multiplexer is supplied with test data and marking labels to ensure a repeatable and superior product that meets or exceeds our specifications.


-Low insertion Loss
-Low back reflection
-Environmentally stable and reliable
-Small Size Perfect For Miniaturized Systems
-Minimal polarization dependence


Optical transmission system
Long Haul
Subscriber Loop
Test Equipment
Optical Fiber Sensors

Reliability and Environmental Testing:

High temperature Bake: 85 °C for 2000 hrs
Damp heat test: 60 º C at RH 90± 5% for 14 days
Water immersion test: 43 ± 2 °C, pH of 5.5 ± 0.5 for 7 days
Vibration test: 3 axes 20 g's at 10-2000 Hz
Shock test: 3 axes 40 g's, 11ms 5 blow each direction
Fiber pull (Tensile): >5 Newtons for 1 minute
Fiber twist (Torsional) 180 degree twist, 5 times each direction with axial force 5N



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