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Foundry Family Of Layer 3 Gigabit Switches

Foundry Layer 3 Backbone Switches
ATS carries the entire family of Foundry's Gigabit Ethernet Switches, Gigabit Switches, 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switches, 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch,Foundry Gigabit Switches, and 24 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switches.Foundry's chassis-based BigIron family of Layer 3 Backbone Switches for the campus, MAN and LAN environments delivers up to 1.2 Terabits per second of backplane switching capacity, dramatically reduces performance bottlenecks with wire-speed IP routing. With this capacity, the premium BigIron MG8 scales to support 96 separate 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports in a single 7 foot rack. The entire BigIron family scales to easily handle several hundred non-blocking Gigabit Ethernet ports at a peak performance of up to 480,000,000 packets per second - delivering more than 100 times the performance of new competitive switches and routers at a much lower price.

10 Gigabit Ethernet Switches

The BigIron product family now includes the powerful Terathon™ ASIC-based architecture, to deliver a new level of high-performance, distributed switching and routing for enterprise and service provider networks. The newest family member, BigIron RX-Series redefines terabit-capacity. for routing and switching in the Enterprise and Service Provider environments. Flexibility, resiliency, security and performance are hallmarks of the design of the BigIron RX-Series family of 10 GbE routers.The BigIron MG8, offers high density 10-Gigabit Ethernet switch for performance oriented Enterprise. All BigIron switches are purpose-built for bandwidth intensive enterprise networks to support business and research applications including high bandwidth campus backbone, data center aggregation, cluster and grid computing, converged (voice, video, image and data) communications, storage networking, financial transactions as well as government, healthcare and university super-computing research projects. BigIron's non-blocking architecture enables network managers to build scalable and highly available network designs. BigIron is the only chassis that has been 10-Gigabit ready since the day it started shipping in 1998.

Layer 2/3 Enterprise Core/Edge and Service Provider Edge Switches
Foundry's complete line of award-winning Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches include the FastIron and EdgeIron product families. These products deliver a new level of performance and functionality for Enterprise and Service Provider networks. Based on Foundry's high performance architectures, these products deliver industry-leading performance, price/performance and high-density 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet connectivity for Enterprise backbones, high-density wiring closet environments, and Service Provider edge applications.

Foundry's Integrated Wireless and Wired Infrastructure strategy consists of three components; the IronPointT 200 IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards-based multi-mode full-featured access points, a SNMP-based IronPoint WiFi Management application suite, as well as a Wireless LAN software upgrade option for Foundry's popular FastIron JetCoreT modular, FastIron Edge and FastIron Edge Power-over-Ethernet switches. By leveraging the latest 802.11 standards, these products deliver a wireless LAN solution which offers strong security, seamless mobility, centralized management, dynamic user policies and ease of use, leading to lower long term cost of ownership.
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Wireless technology is not new and has been widely used in many industries for years.  Manufacturing, courier services, and retail are just some of the industries successfully using wireless for inventory control, package tracking, and pricing applications to increase productivity and streamline procedures.  In the past, wireless technology was used for dedicated applications, but this is rapidly changing with the advent of wireless LAN standards and 802.11 technologies.

The popularity of wireless networking is growing and users have recognized the many benefits of using mobile technology.  Wireless networks can provide new connectivity to places that were once hostile to traditional wired networks.  Access to the Internet and corporate data files while roaming freely throughout the enterprise has been proven to improve productivity and communications.  Employees are now demanding wireless service.

With the popularity of mobile computing devices such as laptops and PDA’s growing, the demand for enterprise class wireless LAN solutions is increasing quickly.  The ability to access applications to check email, schedule meetings, and to conduct business from anywhere in the enterprise and at anytime is a reality with combination of wired and wireless LAN technology.  The benefits of wireless are many:

  • True mobility - the means to conduct business without physical cable attachment to the network
  • Increased productivity - continuous access to information 24x7
  • Lower cabling costs – can eliminate the need for new cable plants or extensions of existing cabling
  • New network access – provides network access where it was previously difficult to deploy traditional wired LANs (e.g. manufacturing, warehousing, temporary office space, leased buildings, etc.)
  • Broad OS support – Windows, Macintosh, Palm OS, etc.
  • Easy installation
  • Rapid deployment
  • Lower long term costs

Despite the many benefits of wireless technology, enterprise users are only beginning to adopt wireless LANs.  The challenge of providing mobility and easy access to corporate information for enterprise users while maintaining data security over open air waves has held back many enterprise deployments.

Unlike wired networks, wireless networks transmit their data over open air waves – through walls, ceilings, and floors – giving possible access to anyone within range of the radio waves.  The lack of strong security in early implementations of 802.11b technology using Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security showed the danger and ease of how wireless LANs could be compromised -  giving enterprises no confidence in deploying immature wireless LAN technology.

With modern wireless technology and the latest IEEE standards, many barriers to early wireless adoption have been addressed.  Strong authentication, data privacy, packet integrity checks, and increased transmission speeds are now available in enterprise class wireless LAN solutions – allowing enterprises to implement consistent security and integrity over both wired and wireless LANs with confidence.

Foundry IronPoint™ Leads The Way

Foundry Networks IronPoint wireless solutions are truly revolutionary and provide all the features that enterprises are demanding in a leading edge wireless network solution.

  • Strong Security
  • Seamless Mobility
  • Enhanced User Policies
  • Centralized Management
  • Leading Standards Based Solutions
  • Seamless Integration With Foundry Wired Networks
  • Strong Investment Protection
  • Ease-of-Use

Foundry’s IronPoint 200 access point is a new breed of enterprise-class wireless access point.  It is a next generation AP, sporting a powerful central processor, ample memory, dual radios, and a modular design to make it fully field upgradeable.  This guarantees that the wireless investment made today is future proofed for years to come.  IronPoint 200 APs inherit new features and sophistication through software upgrades – allowing your hardware investment to be protected while wireless standards and features continue to evolve and mature.

Enterprise-Class with Universal Appeal

To put it simply, Foundry’s IronPoint 200 AP is the ultimate in flexibility.  The IronPoint 200 AP can be implemented as a full featured AP with its own embedded management for small wireless networks requiring only a few access points.  It can be implemented with Foundry’s IronView Network Manager, with IronPoint WLAN Manager Technology, to scale the wireless network to serve many medium to large sized companies.  IronPoint 200 can be used with Foundry’s Wireless Enabled FastIron™ Edge Switches (FES) and chassis based products to provide exceptional security, mobility, and unmatched scalability to fit large enterprise and hot spot applications.

By integrating IronPoint 200 APs with Foundry’s mature switching platform, sophisticated, next generation features providing IronClad™ security with lowered cost of ownership is achieved.  Not only are authentication, security, roaming, and scalability functions enhanced, but the ability to manage the wireless airwaves is greatly improved.  Automated channel selection, five levels of power management, load balancing and rogue AP detection can help eliminate the need for radio RF expertise and time consuming site surveys.

Foundry IronPoint’s ability to adapt to each customer’s wireless requirements is achieved through software upgrades – for both the IronPoint 200 APs and Foundry’s family of FES and JetCore™ switches.  IronPoint future proofs customer’s wireless investments through unmatched flexibility and field upgradeability.  Through cost effective software upgrades, Foundry’s wireless access points and wireless enhanced switches will provide years of leading edge wireless and wired service - allowing customers to integrate wireless technology into their wired network with the utmost confidence.

Foundry IronPoint 200 Access Points - one AP for all your enterprise wireless needs.  Flexible enough for simple one-on-one management or for fully centralized management.  Full featured AP or intelligent AP combined with Foundry’s Wireless Enabled FastIron LAN switches for enhanced features and unmatched scalability.  The choice is yours!


The chassis-based NetIron product family provides unparalleled, wire-speed IP routing performance and switching capacity to meet the expanding requirements of Metro and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The NetIron router family includes the new NetIron IMR 640 platform featuring Foundry’s latest Terathon-M network processor technology offering advanced, wire speed IPv4, IPv6, and MPLS service delivery. NetIron Metro Routers are designed to be NEBS Level 3 compliant. With feature-rich IronWare that is in use by more than 7,800 customers over the world, the NetIron Routers offer a complete set of IP routing protocols including BGP4, OSPF and IS-IS as part of the IronWare operating system.The AccessIron family of enterprise wide area network (WAN) access routers delivers high performance, unparalleled scalability, plus an advanced feature set, giving organizations the WAN routing capabilities they need for the most demanding networking environments.

Designed for Service Provider applications, the chassis-based NetIron product family provides unparalleled, wire-speed IP routing performance and switching capacity to meet the expanding requirements of Metro and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The latest addition to the NetIron router family is the new NetIron IMR 640 offering an industry leading performance and scalability for advanced IPv4, IPv6, and MPLS service delivery. The NetIron Routers are designed to be NEBS Level 3 compliant. With feature-rich IronWare that is in use by more than 7,800 customers over the world, NetIron Metro Routers offer a complete set of IP routing protocols including BGP4, OSPF and IS-IS as part of the IronWare operating system.

The AccessIron family of enterprise-wide area network (WAN) access routers delivers high performance, unparalleled scalability, plus an advanced feature set, giving organizations the WAN routing capabilities they need for the most demanding networking environments.

Layer 4-7 Switches
The ServerIronTM family of Layer 4-7 switches is the industry leader in load balancing servers, firewalls, caches, ISP links, and data centers with high-performance Layer 4-7 switching and integrated Layer 2/3 functionalities. ServerIron switches enable network managers to build and secure mission-critical application infrastructure that is massively scalable and always available. Mission-critical applications are protected with IronShieldTM security against multiple forms of Denial of Service (DoS), Virus and Worm attacks. Many of the world’s most demanding Enterprise, Service Provider, E-Commerce and Government organizations rely on ServerIron switches to enable highly secure and always-on applications.

Network Management
Foundry IronView is a robust network management platform with a rich set of applications targeted for operation management of Foundry devices.


CMS 5000Click-Gigabit Ethernet Tester

Netgear Gigabit Ethernet Switches

NETGEAR gigabit switches deliver wirespeed Gigabit Ethernet switch performance and a full set of Layer 2 switches management features with unsurpassed affordability. This next-generation, high-speed switch delivers maximum throughput where you need it - to high-performance workgroups at the edge of the network, or as a backbone for 10/100 switches and Gigabit Ethernet servers in demanding small networks. The non-blocking design offers full Gigabit throughput simultaneously to all 24 10/100/1000 ports. Layer 2 management functionality delivers reliability, control, and availability. It's an easy to use solution that delivers maximum performance right out of the box. The very affordable NETGEAR GSM7224 Layer 2 Managed Gigabit ethernet Switch creates a more productive - and future-proof - network. With increasing bandwidth requirements from applications such as video, voice, database management, and other services that slow throughput and response time, you can unleash your network and enable maximum productivity with Gigabit Ethernet for today's high-performance environments. Optimize bandwidth, security, and control with full Layer 2 management capabilities - extensive VLAN support, resiliency, traffic prioritization, port trunking, port mirroring, RADIUS, SNMP, and DHCP features, as well as broadcast storm protection. Fiber connectivity is enabled through four combination Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP*) gigabit ports. Network administrators can use any combination of these features to ensure uptime, availability, bandwidth, and throughput.

As a Gold Reseller, American Tech Supply also carries Wideband's Gigabit Ethernet Switches- which can deliver gigabit ethernet via CAT3, CAT 5 up to EIA/TIA standards 100 meters and we also carry other Gigabit Ethernet Switches with 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch cofigurations- 16 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch- that outperform Cisco Switches-Cisco Layer 2 switches- and the 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switches- 16 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switches. All Wideband switches outperform Cisco's switches. Dr. Billing's has fiver patents relating to gigabit ethernet technology. Call us for addtional information and pricing at (866) 342-3721. For additional information on our Cisco Trade In Program- visit our web page.


Description-TC3820 Redundant Ring Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Ideal for mission critical fiber optic ring networks, the TC3820 Redundant Ring Gigabit Ethernet Switch provides maximum reliability through its sophisticated redundant ring technology. If a fiber cable or device failure occurs, the data path automatically switches over within 250 msec. to the secondary path to maintain Ring network integrity.

Available with SNMP Management, the Model TC3820 1000Base-SX/LX Switch provides six 10/100M copper ports and two Gigabit fiber ports. It can be daisy-chained and supports distances between switches up to 100 km.

Gigabit Ethernet Over CAT 3- CAT 5- Save Thousands On Re-Wiring Cost-Recent developments have changed the way the industry looks at Gigabit Ethernet. Cost barriers and problems working on existing wiring have been eliminated, resulting in widespread adoption. See what applications are driving Gigabit deployment, how productivity is being increased and what migration strategies are recommended-WideBand has been a leading manufacturer of Gigabit-over-copper networking since 1994 and was a developer of the first pre-standard products. When the standard began to be formed, WideBand president Dr. Roger E. Billings was an active member of the steering committee that developed the technologies found in today’s IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet. Many of the underlying technologies of the standard, including the method for full duplex transmission and the elimination of data collisions, were originally developed at WideBand.

WideBand products are made in the USA to the highest quality standards and possess a uniquely robust signal that allows full Gigabit bandwidth even on less than perfect installs of Category 5 and 5e cabling. WideBand can deliver Gigabit connections up to 200 meters on Category 5 cable and 100 meters over Category 3 cable. To show signal headroom, WideBand Gigabit products are even demonstrated working over barbed wire!

WideBand Corporation has developed a line of Ethernet Products that operate 100 Meters over standard Category 5 cable. There is no longer any need to rewire with CAT 6before upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet. There is video available that shows that Wideband Layer 2 Switches can operate at Gigabit Ethernet Speeds consistantly within the LAN OSI layer 2 environment by using CAT 3 cable and even barbed wire!

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