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ATS caries the Fiber Optic Fiber Swiper Cleaning Kit that is designed to assist the technician to clean fiber optic connectors simply, effectively and inexpensively. This fiber optic connector cleaning is approved at SBC for all fiber optic cleaning by field personnel.

NOS can customize the kits to contain various connector types/polishes to meet customer needsNOS EZFieldMate™ connector kits are to be used in conjunction with the EZFieldMate™ Field Termination Kit to provide simple, efficient, and cost-effective field terminations of single mode and multi-mode fiber optic cable with the tightest factory specifications. Minimal training is required for installers and technicians to become proficient and certified. The EZFieldMate™ Connector Kit includes all consumables required to complete the termination of fibers in the field, which are compliant with GR-326-CORE & Telcordia GR-1081-CORE requirements. NOS can customize the kits to contain various connector types/polishes to meet customer needs...

Fiber Swiper -PID FIBERSWIPER-0000087076

* Pocket-sized connector cleaner (same thickness as a CD jewel case) 111(L) x 57(W) x 10.2(H) mm.
* ESD-dissipative material is used in the fabrication of the FiberSwiper® to eliminate static for use in sensitive areas.
* Each FiberSwiper® holds 6 cards that clean 13 connectors each (78 cleans/6-pack).
* A perforated cover protects each cleaning slot until used.
* Removes and retains oil, dirt and other contaminants without solvents for superior results over competing products.
* One swipe cleaning requirement per connector end for a more cost effective solution.
* Easily fits with product related literature/CD’s in a packet shipped with product for customers to use before installation, thus reducing and controlling dirty connector related RMA’s and customer complaints.
* NOS has introduced single QuikSwipe™ cleaning cards using the same KleanCore™ cleaning fabric used in the KleanCore™ replacement reels and FiberSwiper®. Designed for inclusion in applications where a limited amount of cleans are required. (i.e. shipping transceivers etc.). QuikSwipe™ cards provide one-swipe cleaning.
* Private Label orders are welcome.

0.25“ spacing to support all duplex connector cleaning requirements.

KleenCore Replacement Reels-Part #NOSCLERR-0000087075

* KleanCore™ replacement reels fit the current cleaners such as Cletop and Optipop (Reel Cleaners)
* Up to 70% cost savings compared to currently available products.
* KleanCore™ never scratches the core based on our extensive testing.
* One swipe testing proves that you can clean with a single swipe.
* Cleans twice the number of connectors per reel compared to the competition.
* GR-2923 compliant (Test report available upon request).

Cleanliness of the fiber connectors will severely affect the performance of any optical system. Fiber optic connectors must be kept clean to ensure long life and to minimize transmission loss at the connection point. Unfortunately fiber cleaning is often ignored by the operations personnel mainly due to lack of awareness of the severity. 35%-50% of the equipment RMA’s are due to dirty connectors as per the feedback provided by our OEM customers. On the other hand, service providers are looking for economical fiber cleaning solutions for their field personnel. In order to meet this market need, Neptec Optical Solutions has developed KleanCore™ replacement reels as an economic alternative to the more expensive solutions available in the market.


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Sprint PID's

1*Reel Cleaner Cassette P/N NOSKCRC-0000087073
2* KleanCore Reel P/N NOSFCRR-0000087074
3* FiberSwiper PN FIBERSWIPER-0000087076
4* Keancore Cletop Replacement Reel-P/N NOSCLERR-0000087075
5* Fiberswiper Replacement Cards-P/N-FIBERSWIPER-RC6-0000087077
6* EZ Field Termination Kit -P/N EZFK-KITSC-0000097951
7* SC/UPC EZFM Connector Kit P/N EZFM-R50SCUKIT-0000097953
8* SC/APC EZFM Connector Kit P/N EZFM-R50SCAKIT-0000097952





FIBERSWIPER Replacement Cards 400166898


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ATS-EZFM KIT $2800.00


Key Features

* Portable, self-contained kit
* Provides factory quality terminations under most any field conditions in 10 minutes
* GR-1081 and GR-326 Compliant - Report Available
* Cost-effective termination of fiber anywhere
* Low-loss, high quality terminations
* Kit includes all parts/tools/instructions needed
* Kit includes internal power source (12vDC)
* Minimal training to achieve technician certification
* Utilizes industry standard parts/tools
* EZFieldMate™ Connector Kits support both large and small form factor connectors.
* Full line of optional accessories: Various adapter tips, and 3.5" TFT color LCD


* CATV/Broadband communications
* Homeland security
* Military and defense systems
* Telco (IXC, ILEC, CLEC)
* Enterprise LAN / WAN
* Fiber restoration
* Fiber monitoring
* Aerospace

Summary of GR-1081-CORE Criteria:

The tools, supplies, and materials for installing 50 connectors should fit in a single carrying case. (O3-1)

The carrying case shall protect the contents during transportation. (R3-2)

The carrying case shall provide internal organization for the materials and shall be suitable for carrying from one job to another. (R3-3)

Each carrying case shall have one or more handles and shall be convenient to carry with one hand. (R3-4)

The maximum weight of each case shall be 18kg (40lb). (R3-5)

The carrying case shall be marked on the outside with a title that describes the product. The vintage of all parts shall be traceable to within 3 months of the data of manufacture and may be marked either on the inside or the outside of the kit. (R3-6)

A portable work surface, if required for the field mounting of connectors, shall be available from the manufacturer, and shall meet requirements R3-4 and R3-5. (R3-7)


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