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DTK-HT1000 Home Theater Power Conditioner

Clean Power is essential - the HT1000 delivers! EMI/RFI interference is the chief cause of poor video quality, "muddy" sound, and unsatisfying home theater experiences. Clean power from the DTK-HT1000 allows video projectors and LCD screens to deliver rich, vibrant, clear images, without annoying dropouts or pixelation. Audio sounds clear, with every note defined, free of clicks and hums. Isolated, filtered banks prevent "cross contamination" between A/V components. Control and Protection - the HT1000 delivers!The DTK-HT1000 features remote-capable, controlled startup and shutdown of its outlet banks to ensure that A/V components are turned on and off in the right order, every time. Surge protection on power, video, network and telephone lines keeps equipment safe, while the HT1000's under/overvoltage shutoff feature guards against power supply damage. Home Theater Power, Control and Protection: DITEK's DTK-HT1000 has it all!


DTK-120S20A DTK-120/240HD2 Home Surge Protector
DTK-120SD DTK-120/240HD3 Home Surge Protector
D100 100kA Industrial Surge Protection DTK-120/240SA Residential Surge Arrester
D120 120kA Industrial Surge Protection DTK-HT1000 Home Theater Power Conditioner
D120X Industrial Surge Protection DTK-WH5PLUS Whole House Surge Protection Kit
D160 160kA Modular Surge Protection DTK-WH8PLUS Whole House Surge Protection Kit
D200 Industrial Surge Protection DTK-120/240GP Gate Motor Arrester
D240 250kA Modular Industrial Surge Protection DTK-120GP Gate Motor Arrester
D400 400kA Modular Industrial Surge Protection DTK-CM Surge Arresters
D75 Series AC Surge Protection DTK-CM+ Surge Arresters
DTK-HL480 Highway Lighting Surge Protector DTK-CMXPLUS Surge Arresters
DTK-HW Series DTK-DL Light Pole Arresters


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