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Total Surge Solutions


DITEK’s APK1 Alarm ProtectionKit is designed for residential alarm system installers. The self resetting products are designed forsystems where the telco ground is The 1F AC one outlet surge protector has a unique center screw that allows secure fastening of alarm panel transformers. The MRJ31XSCPWP uses standard RJ31X plug connectors and protects the alarm dialer lines. Alarm system power and dialer surge protection.


DTK-1F31X DTK-GPK1 Gate Protection Kit
DTK-AC31X DTK-GPK2 Gate Protection Kit
DTK-FPK3 Fire Protection Kit DTK-TSS1 Fire Alarm System Protection
DTK-FPK4 Fire Panel/IP Dialer Protection Kit DTK-TSS2
DTK-FPK1 Fire Protection Kit DTK-TSS4
DTK-FPK2 Fire Protection Kit    


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