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Tension Load Cells-Compression Load Cells-Model Z Load Cells

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American Tech Supply now carries tension Load Cells-Compression Load Cells-Model Z Load Cells, dynomometers, tensiometers, mechanical force gauges, crane scales, load cells, force units converters, crane overload switches, and the complete dynamometer product line from Dillon. For years Dillon has lead the way with dynamometer technology with their innovations by creating a line that is tough, reliable, and most importantly safe for you- the end user.

Load Cells

The SGMC (compression) load cells come in six pound capacities from 2,000 to 100,000 pounds and in ten kg capacities from 1,000 to 40,000 kg. They have up to 300% overload capacity without zero shift at 2 millivolts per volt full scale sensitivity.

Dillon Load Cells are the heart of the force measurement systems we produce. We offer three types of load cells that will fit almost any force measurement system application. Model SGMT load cells are fitted for tension measurement. Model SGMC load cells are fitted for compression measurement. Our lighter capacity Model Z cells can be fitted for either tension or compression.

Dillon Strain Gauge load cells are simple to apply. Dillon offers the right mounting hardware for every application. For tension measurement you can select optional pull plugs, yokes, swivel hooks, eye nuts, or shackles. Compression load cells include compression fittings with base plates.

Product Pricing and Specs
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Model SGMC
Application Compression
Rated Output (mv/v) open circuit 2 ±0.2
Zero balance % full scale 0 to 2
Excitation (DC volts) maximum 15
Bridge resistance (Ohms) maximum (output) 350 ±0.5%
Typical system accuracy % FI-127, Wizard** ±0.25
Typical system accuracy % FI-90** ±0.35
Non-linearity % FS best-fit ±0.4*
Hysteresis % FS ±0.3
Repeatability % FS ±0.1
Temperature effects Zero % FS/100°F ±2.0
Output % load/100°F ±2.0
Temp. Comp Range 15 to 115°F
Operable Temp. Range -20 to +200°F
Creep-% FS in 20 min. 0.03
Overload without zero shift-% FS 300