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Crane Overload Switches

Dynamometers-Dynamometer-Tensiometers- Mechanical Force Gauges-Crane Scales--------- Load Cells- Force Units Converters- Crane Overload Switchesits Converters-Mechanical Force Gauges-Indicators

American Tech Supply now carries dynomometers, tensiometers, mechanical force gauges, crane scales, load cells, force units converters, crane overload switches, and the complete dynamometer product line from Dillon. For years Dillon has lead the way with dynamometer technology with their innovations by creating a line that is tough, reliable, and most importantly safe for you- the end user.

For many applications the value of force measurement equipment is gauged by its ability to work as part of a system. Buildng the right testing system is a matter of selecting measurement tools and recording devices, that will efficiently accomplish your tasks. This is a sample of Dillon instrumentation and peripheral equipment that complete a testing system.

Dillon instrumentation is notable for its flexibility. The recently introduced FI-127 Force Indicator includes a data base which can store up to 204 consecutive test values for later download.

Wizard Programmable Force
FI-90 Force

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