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American Tech Supply Is Your One Source For All Your Wholesale Data Center Equipment Needs - American Tech Supply thanks all of our thousands of customers for your business. We'd like to thank you all for your help over the past five years and now want to reward all our existing and new customers with a great opportunity.

American Tech Supply has aquired the assets of two distributors. We can now can offer you the opportunity to purchase data center equipment at wholesale prices. We have ADC raceway at 80% below market value, we have pre-packaged data cabinets ready to ship on pallets, we have thousands of feet of 10 foot ladder racks from 12"-24" widths, aluminum raceway, relay racks, 23" steel telco racks, thousands of parts from threaded rods of all lengths to bolts, cages, batteries, generators, 600 kv power generators, air conditioners, power cable, computer floors, batteries custom open racks,fiber optic cables. We have all of the industry's leading product line of ADC's lightguide fiber optic raceway system from 2" to 4" to 8" to 12" troughs- we have thousands of feet.

You name it- if you want to build-buy or invest in a data center- you have to call us!

Utility centers in Katrina's path should consider ATS's inventory and consider purchasing from us at pennies on the dollar to get your customers back on-line- and save the United States taxpayers millions of dollars!!

Telco's welcome- SBC- Bellsouth- Verizon-independant telephone companies, ISP,CLEC's- call us- forget about paying top dollar at your local distributor- this is a once in a lifetime buy- save thousands if not millions- we'll work with you on staging the equipment and getting it to you. In the pictures below and the associated pages- you will see an existing data center- that has been built with the parts we have for sale- the data center is located next door to our facility -so what you see below is what we have -IN STOCK!.

All the parts that are listed on the pictures below ARE AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE! We estimate that the inventory we purchased is enough to build a 200,000 square foot data -co-location center complete with customer cages, redudant power and state of the art fiber optics.

ATS carries thousands of data center components- too many to list here-give us a call and we'll get you a list of the inventory and the best pricing in the USA!

Call American Tech Supply Today At (866) 342-3721

Data Center Equipment Pictures-ADC Raceway-1

Data Center Equipment Pictures-OSP- Manholes-Vaults-Fiber Cable 2

Data Center Equipment Pictures-Data Cabinets-Fiber Cable 3

Data Center Equipment Pictures-Data Cabinets-Fiber Cable 4

Singlemode 430 Count Fiber Cable Reels

Various ADC Raceway Components

More Relay Racks- Still Wrapped!

Manholes Various Sizes

PecoII and Emcor Cabinets


Hundreds Of Boxes of Bolts- accessories- ETC

Power Cable Still on Reels

Raceway System Accessories- Threaded Rods

Batteries & Racks

LOW PRICE GUARANTEE: American Tech Supply will NOT BE UNDERSOLD. Just provide us with a written quote from any US competitor and American Tech Supply will MEET or BEAT their price! Call Us For Additional Details At (866) 342-3721

We’re here to help you solve your business challenges and increase your ability to meet your own customers’ growing expectations from their telecommunications service providers.