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    SC Fiber Optic Connectors- SC Fiber Connectors- SC Connector

    American Tech Supplies carries a complete line of SC Connectors, SC Fiber Connectors, SC Fiber Optic Connectors, SC Connector from several manufacturers. We stock SC connectors at all our three national wharehouses for same day shipment. Our SC duplex housings snap together to form a duplex connector with just the right amount of radial and lateral float, eliminating the need for a separate "duplexing clip". This feature reduces the potential for the mis-mating that often occurs when simplex housings are duplexed via a separate clip. Outer housings are color-coded beige for multimode and blue for singlemode.

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    American Tech Supply's SC fiber optic connectors are made by several quality manufacturers. We carry SC fiber optic connectors from several sources so we can oofer you the highest quality and selection to meet your fiber connector needs. We allow for customizing the layout for various types of connectors/adapters used in fiber optic patch panels. Our fiber optic connectors/adapters are capable for use in high-speed data transmission over multimode or singlemode fiber cabling. Our industry standard single mode and multimode adapters utilize high performance zirconia ceramic (single mode) or phosphorous-bronze manufacturing.

    SC Fiber Optic Connector Specifications

    Pre-assembled and Unassembled Versions Available
    Meets Telcordia, EIA / TIA, IEC, and JIS C5973 Specifications
    For Super PC, Ultra PC, or Angle PC Applications
    Multimode or Singlemode
    Preradiused Zirconia Ferrule
    Glass Filled Composite Resin Housing
    3.0mm Strain Relief Designed To Meet Telcordia Mechanical Requirements

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    Our Adapter Panels manufactured by ICC, Fiber Connections, 3M, Steren, and Fiberconn are compatible for patch panels from most manufacturers including Lucent, Corning, Leviton and Superior. For a complete list of products, please click here. Fiber-Conn offers a full line of adapters and adapter panels designed for the use with Fiber-Conn RAC and WAC series enclosures. 6-, 8-, and 12-fiber panels are available. The 6-fiber panels are offered in ST, FC, SC duplex and simplex, MT-RJ and LC connectors. 8-fiber panels are offered in ST, SC duplex and simplex, and FC connectors. The 12-fiber panel is offered in SC duplex connectors. Fully preloaded adapter panels are available. We also offer preloaded adapter panels with pigtails and patch cords.

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