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RG6 60% Braid PVC Coax Cable-CATV/Satellite Coaxial Cables-Wire & Cable-Structured Cabling- USA MAde Cable- USA Msde Racks- Made In USA Fiber Optic Cables- Made in USA CAT 6 Cable-USA Made Fiber Cable-USA Made Data Cabinets- USA Made Networks

Made In USA Cable




RG6 60% Braid PVC Coax Cable




Construction Type Non-armored
Center Conductor Material Copper-clad steel wire
Jacket Material PVC
Center Conductor Gauge AWG 18
Center Conductor Dia. 1.02 mm | 0.040 in
Insulation Skin Foam Polyethylene (PE)
Nom. Thickness(mm) 1.78 mm | 0.070 in
Insulation Dia. 4.57 mm | 0.179 in
Al-maylar Shield (Overlapping, %) >=25
Braid Shield Aluminium Wire
Shield (Braid) Coverage 60 %
Construction 16/4/0.16 mm | 0.629/ 0.157/0.006 in
Coverage Area (%) >=60
Jacket Nom. Thickness 0.75 mm | 0.029 in
Jacket Min. Thickness 0.64 mm | 0.025 in
Cable Dia.(±0.15mm) 6.90 mm | 0.271 in
Weight (lbs/1000ft) 31.0 lbs

General Specification

Environmental Space Non-plenum
Safety Standard cETL | ETL
UL Temperature Rating 75 °C | 167 °F
Product Standard Certification UL
Flammability Test CMR
Reference Standard SCTE IPS-SP-001, UL1666, UL444
RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant
ISO 9001:2008

Electrical Specifications

Dielectric Strength (kV/min) 1.0
Impedence (±3.0ohms) 75.0
SRL (dB,5~2200MHz) >=20
Capacitance (pF/m) 53.1
Conductor DCR@ 20ºC (ohms/km) <=119
DC Loop Resistance@ 20ºC (ohms/km) <=152
Velocity Of Propagation (%) >=82

Mechanical Specifications

Test Object Jacket
Test Material PVC
Before Tensile Strength (Mpa) >=1.034
Aging Elongation (%) >=200
Aging Condition (ºC×hrs) 113.0±1.0 × 168
After Tensile Strength (Mpa) >= 85% unaged
Aging Elongation (%) >= 50% unaged
Cold Bend (-20±2ºC×4hrs) No crack
Jacket impact test(-15ºC) No crack
Jacket Longitudinal Shrinkage (%) <=5
Center Conductor Break Strength (N) >=641
Center Conductor Bond To dielectric (N) >=2.3


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