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Cat 6A 660MHz UTP Cable 10 Gig PVC-Cat6A Solutions- USA MAde Cable- USA Msde Racks- Made In USA Fiber Optic Cables- Made in USA CAT 6 Cable-USA Made Fiber Cable-USA Made Data Cabinets- USA Made Networks

Made In USA Cable




Cat 6A 660MHz UTP Cable 10 Gig PVC



Construction Materials

Conductor Material Solid Bare Copper
Conductor Gauge 23AWG
Stranding Solid
Insulation Material PE/FEP
Spine PE/FEP
Shield Material Unsheilded
Jacket Material Low Smoke, Flame Retardant PVC
C(ETL) listed CMG FT4
ETL Verified TIA ‐ 568‐B.2-10, & ISO/IEC 11801
ROHS Compliant

General Specification

Cable Type Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
Pairs, Quantity 4
Jacket Color Blue | White
Rip Cord Yes
Conductor Gauge, Singles 23 AWG
Conductor Type, Singles Solid
Conductors, Quantity 8
Outer Jacket Nom. O.D. ± 0.2mm 7.60 mm | 0.30 in.
Nominal Weight PVC 18.3 kg | 40.4 lbs.
Nominal Weight Plenum 20.7 kg | 45.64 lbs.
Cable Length 304.8 m | 1000 ft

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Rating 0 °C to + 60 °C ( 32 °F to + 140 °F)
Operating Temperature ‐20 °C to + 75 °C ( -4 °F to + 167 °F)

Electrical Characteristics

Conductor DCR 9.38W/100M@20°
DCR Unbalance 3%Max
Capacitance Unbalance Pair/Ground 330Pf/100M Max
Characteristic Impedance 100W ±10%(10-550Mhz)
Input Impedance 100W ±12%(1-100Mhz)
100W ±15%(>100-350Mhz)
100W ±22%(>350Mhz)
Return Loss 20+7 Log(F) Db Min (1-10Mhz)
27 Db Min(10-20Mhz)
27-7 Log(F/20)Db Min (>20Mhz)
Insertion Loss 1.8√ƒ+0.01ƒ +0.2/√ƒ Db/100M Max
(Attenuation) Near End(Next) Crosstalk 44.3 - 15 Log(F/100) Db/100M Min
Power Sum Near End Crosstalk (Ps Next) 42.3- 15 Log(F/100) Db/100M Min
Attenuation To Crosstalk Ratio Far End(Acrf ) 31.8- 2 0Log(F/100) Db/100M Min
Power Sum Attenuation To Crosstalk Ratio Far End (Ps Acrf ) 28.8- 20 Log(F/100) Db/100M Min
Power Sum Alien Near End Crosstalk (Ps Anext) 66.5- 15 Log(F/100) Db/100M Min
Power Sum Alien Attenuation To Crosstalk Ratio Far End (Ps Aacrf ) 42.2- 20 Log(F/100) Db/100M Min 67 Db Min
Propagation Delay Skew 25 Ns/100M Max
Nominal Velocity Of Propagation (Nvp) 70% Plenum 66% Non-Penum
Note Attenuation To Crosstalk Ratio Far End (Acrf ) Was
Previously Referred To As Equal Level Far End Crosstalk (Elfext)
Where F = Frequency In Mhz From 1 To 500 Mhz
Propagation Delay 534 + 36/ Ns/100M Max


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