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Cat 6E 550MHz UTP Plenum Cable-Cat 6 Plenum-Wire & Cable-Structured Cabling- USA MAde Cable- USA Msde Racks- Made In USA Fiber Optic Cables- Made in USA CAT 6 Cable-USA Made Fiber Cable-USA Made Data Cabinets- USA Made Networks

Made In USA Cable




Cat 6E 550MHz UTP Plenum Cable



UL, ETL and 3P Verified to ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 | NEMA WC 63.1 | ISO/IEC 11801
UL/cUL listed CMR, CMP
RoHS Compliant
Conductor 23AWG Bare Solid Copper
Insulation FEP (CMP)
Ripcord Under Jacket
Impedance 100±15ohms
Mutual Capacitance (max. nf/1000ft) 56
DC Resistance (max. Ohms/1000ft) 28.6
DC Resistance Unbalance of a pair 5% max
Propagation Delay Skew 25 nS/100M
Capacitance Unbalance (Pair to Ground) 330pf/Km max
Normal Velocity of Propagation 70%
Attenuation-to-Crosstalk Ratio at 100MHz: 35.2 dB/min.
at 155 MHz: 27.3dB/min.
at 250MHz: 17.1dB/min.
O.D. 0.23622
Weight 16.33 kg | 36 lb
Conductor Size 23AWG
Construction Solid Bare Copper
Cond. Diam. 1/0.560±0.02
Insulation Avg. Thick. 0.200
Min. Thick. 0.190
Diameter 0.96 ± 0.020
Material Fep
Color Codes 1.Blue × White/Blue Stripe
2.Orange × White/Orange Stripe
3.Green × White/Green Stripe
4.Brown × White/Brown Stripe
Jacketed Avg. Thick. 0.38
Min. Thick. 0.35
Diameter 5.70 ± 0.20
Material FRPVC(Low Smoke)
Color White / Blue Or Other Color


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