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The coax cable stripper tool allows a quick and efficient method of preparing RG59 or RG6 coaxial cables for reliable termination. The stripping tool is ergonomically designed from durable Delrin, and comes with a long life cutting blade to provide consistent performance.



62-020 VideoTracker™ Coaxial Tester
Designed for mapping and testing of coaxial cable installations
Provides testing for continuity, opens or shorts
Identifies different termination points
Tone mode sends a tone signal
Single run mode tests and identifies individual cables within a group
Multi-run mode tests coax cables joined with a splitter
Designed specifically for cable TV, security video, broadcast and
building/home automation system applications

62-204 Mini Coax Tester
Test opens and shorts on coax wiring
connected with BNC jacks
Two modes of operation: Standard
and Hi-Z for long runs
Includes 500 Ohms BNC terminator
Quick and easy operation

Item ID: 35-053 Name: Ratcheting Cable Cutter Features: Designed to cut 750 KCMIL and smaller hard-drawn copper and aluminum cables
Hardened steel blades for durability
Rounded blade design minimizes cable distortion
Quick release mechanism for blade back-out
Locking mechanism keeps handles closed for storage

Speeds up two step cable stripping of RG58, RG59, RG-6, RG-6 Quad Shield and RG62 coaxial cable
* Spring-action operation grips and trips in one motion
* Knife-type blades feature multiple hole diameters sized for two step removal of outer jacket insulation and center conductor
* Specific blades strip specific cable sizes


Adjustable coaxial wire strippers allow blade adjustment for 2 or 3-step stripping of RG-58, RG-59/RG-62, Belden 8281, Twinax or RG-6 coaxial cable
* Replacement cassettes available

Cat. No.
Coaxial Stripper - 3 Step

* For popular dual crimp BNC and TNC connectors
* Strips braid 0.240 in. (6mm) and Dielectric 0.240 in. (6 mm)

Coaxial Stripper - 3 Step

* For popular dual crimp BNC/TNC and Thinnet BNC connectors
* Strip is for MIL-C-39012 connectors
* Strip braid 0.328 in. (8.2mm) and dielectric 0.109 in. (2.7mm)

Coaxial Stripper - 2 Step

* For F-Type, many single crimp BNC/TNC, Twist-on BNC/TNC, Twinax and UHF connectors
* Strips 0.250 in. (6.3mm)

Coaxial Stripper - 2 Step

* For most Twinax and UHF connectors
* Strips 0.480 in. (12mm)

Coaxial Stripper - 3 Step

* For popular dual crimp N-Series Ethernet connectors
* Strips braid 0.240 in. (6mm) and dielectric 0.240 in. (6mm)

Coaxial Cable Stripper

Lightweight, compact, cost-effective stripper is simple to operate
* Adjustable blades can be set for any depth to help ensure nick-free strips
* Use with twisted-pair wire, tightly wrapped stranded cables, CATV cable, CB antenna cable, SO, SJ, SJT, and other types of flexible power cords
* Includes three straight and one round blade

Toggle® Strippers

No cutting depth adjustment needed
Each tool is pre-set to match particular type cable

Cyclops® Data Cable Stripper

Description : For unshielded and shielded twisted pair
Cat. No.45-514

Round Cable Slitting & Ringing Tool

* Cuts around cable jacket as well as slits the length of jacket for easy removalEach tool is pre-set to match particular type cable
* Use with single or multiple conductor cable up to 1.75 inch O.D.
* Blade adjusts for jacket thickness up to .125 inch
* Spare blade in handle base

Description: Round Cable Slitting and Ringing Tool
Cat. No.45-144

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