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Floor Grommets- Raised Floor Grommets- Raised Floor Glands- Data Center Raised Floor Grommets- Data Center Raised Floor Glands- Cable Management Racks-Equipment Racks- Rack Systems


$69.00 each ( Quantity $ 100 or more)










ATS is now your leading USA distributor of Cannon data center grommets, data center floor glands and are more efficient that the Kold Loc series of brushed raised floor grommets.

The Challenge

Even a fully populated cabinet can lose in the region of 50% of cooling air through escape routes which are outside the perimeter of the 19-inch equipment field. This causes massive wastage of cooling energy, increasing carbon footprint and reduces the cooling effect of the Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC).

The Solution

Cannon's Air Management solutions effectively closes these escape routes ensuring that cooling air flows only through the active equipment present in the cabinet. Significant energy savings can be achieved and the CRAC will be less stressed, improving efficiency.








Hot New Product- Cannon Data Center Grommett- Raised Floor Grommet-Floor Grommet-Floor Gland-Raised Floor Gland at a cool price!

The raised floor gland/floor grommet offering dramatic performance enhancements

A totally unique concept that corrects inadequacies in old fashioned floor grommets

  • Retro-fittable
  • Surface mount
  • Drop in "All in One" AIR-LOKK
  • Power/Data Partition (optional extra)
  • Removable Brush

Features and Benefits

  • The brush grommetsis Quick-Fit, Quick-Release removable allowing access through the gland, to under floor
  • The brush is mounted on a central bar so that the tips of the brush rest on the sides of the gland where the brush is not heavily distorted by cables
  • (Cables do not pass through the root of the brush where bad distortion will occur)
  • This patented orienntation of the brush dramatically improves air blockage and supports the brush droop over time
  • Bend radii and cable tie points avoid corrupted data and simplify installation
  • One AIR-LOKK gland can be either "surface mounted", "drop in" (into the cut out in the tile) or retro-fitted around pre-installed cables reducing the range of glands required

Locking Cold Air Flow Away from Hot Air

Two issues are of significant importance to separate Cold and Hot Air via any floor grommet,floor gland- rasied floor grommet- raised floor gland....i.e.

  • Cold air pressure should not lift the brush strip seal and escape
  • Hot air should not be sucked downwards into the cold air flow

Note: IPACK 2001-15728ASME advises that grommet/tiles near the CRAC unit often experience negative air flow from inside the rack, pulling hot air down into the cold air stream.


Unique Brush Gland

The brush gland is pre-stressed to resist air pressure. The patented system provides firrm support to both ends of the brush and the brush tips press down, onto the radiused sides of the grommet, acting like leaf springs. This imparts greater resistance to air pressure.

American Tech's products are compatible with the latest standards established by Dell, HP, IBM, Lanstar, Chatsworth. APW,Rittal,Hoffman and other server rack and data cabinet suppliers. With locations through the US, we serve all regions of the United States, Canada, Hawaii, AK and South America. Please call us for additional information for international shipments at (866) 342-3721


Water Cooled Data Racks

Raised Floor Grommets- As Low as $ 79.00 each- call for information




Data Center Cabinets-Data Center Racks- Here



• Cut-out size in floor tile: 270mm x 185mm (105/8” x 75/16”)

• Fixing centres: 281mm x 195mm (111/16” x 711/16”)

• Overall dimensions: 296mm x 210mm x 40mm (113/4” x 81/4” x 19/16”)

• Height above floor tile (when fitted into floor tile): 3mm (flange thickness) (1/8”)

• Height above floor tile (when fitted above floor tile): 40mm (19/16”)


"Don't Gamble With Quality- Buy American"

Call (866) 342-3721 Or Click On The Chat Button At The Top Of The Page To Talk To One Of Our Representatives

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