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American Tech Supply carries the complete line of Cablofil Wire Cable Tray products including the Cablofil CFL wire cable tray, wall brackets, underfloor support, hanging supports and much more. for very application from the telephone closet to the network room to your co-location data center. Designed to make installation simple and easy, Cablofil wire cable tray is truly a revolutionary advancement in cable management. It’s easier because it requires fewer parts, making installation less complicated.

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With fewer parts-that saves valuable time…and money. A comprehensive range of accessories allows for every possible installation configuration. When you’re looking for the most efficient cable management installation anywhere, you can rely on the Fast Assembly System (FAS) from Cablofil. FAS utilizes a simple one-step process that requires no screws, bolts or other tools. All you need is a screwdriver! Whether you’re designing a new cable management system, or retrofitting an existing one, the FAS System allows you to save time and money—from planning to installationCall us today for a price quote at (866) 650-DATA or:

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