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Chatsworth Data Cabinets- Chatsworth Water Cooled Cabinets- Chatsworth Data Rack Enclosures- Chatsworth Network Racks-Chatsworth Relay Racks- Chatsworth Cable Management Racks- Chatsworth Equipment Racks- Chatsworth Rack Systems

American Tech Supply is a national data cabinet supplier and as a data cabinet distributor carries Chatsworth Data Cabinets, Chatsworth Water Cooled Cabinets, Chatsworth Data Rack Enclosures,Chatsworth Network Racks,Chatsworth Relay Racks, Chatsworth Cable Management Racks,Chatsworth Equipment Racks, and Chatsworth Rack Systems. We are recognized around the globe as strong reliable partner in the areas of telecommunications and data communications, server network and technology, medical technology and, of course, security, and traffic control technology. The Knürr product diversity and quality has been setting traditionally recognized high standards for several decades. Our standardised and customer-specific solutions are reflections of our innovative engineering know-how, which characterizes and provides the impetus for progress in these markets. Perfect solutions incorporating mechanical, electronic and thermal components qualify us as one of the global market leaders for highly developed, modular rack and enclosure systems for indoor and outdoor applications.
The global presence, the innovative and aesthetic design, a mature platform of standard products and the recognized high degree of integration competence, supplemented by outstanding time-to-market results.

Cooper - B-Line

American Tech Supply is a data cabinet distributor for Chatsworth and carries a complete line of data cabinets, data enclosures, open bay racks, relay racks, LAN racks, enclosures, fiber optic enclosures, Zone 4 Racks, zone 4 data cabinets and seismic cabinets for data centers, communication closets, and communications centers. We also have Zone 4 data cabinets and zone 4 realay racks for earthquake enclosures preparedness and national security. The zone 4 seismic data cabinets are a new line of proven technology from Xmark designed specifically for Zone 4 earthquake requirements. We carry zone 4 racks manufactured by ESW (formerly Encore), Quest, Chatsworth, Chatsworth,Synergy, Xmark and others for Zone 4 data cabinet earthquake applications and zone 4 enclosure environments. These zone 4 racks or zone 4 enclosures are built out of 10 gauge steel and this steel welded Channel rack has been designed for the Bell System and has been tested and approved to Pacific Bell Static Seismic Test PBS-000-102PT.
Seismic Cabinets.ets.

Since 1959, the name SaundersTM has been synonymous with high quality nonelectronic cable support equipment.  With B-Line's acquisition of the Saunders Brothers Company in 1992, the product line has continued to evolve; reflecting the changing requirements of our customers.  B-Line's exacting standards and ongoing commitment to supplying only the highest quality products available provide a winning combination for the telecommunication industry.

B-Line's full line of Comm/Data products includes steel and aluminum equipment racks, cable runways, network bays, unequal flange racks, wire management products and products for seismic zone 4 applications.

Chatsworth B-Line's Two-Post Network Equipment Rack
Features include: Universal 5/8", 5/8", 1/2" mounting hole pattern for maximum mounting flexibility. Permanently stamped rack mount unit (RMU) markings aid in equipment installation. Conformance to EIA-310-D and IEC 60297 standards.  [ More ]

Introducing A Better Way To Manage Your Cable With Chatsworth B-Line's RCM+ Rack Cable Manager
Manage Your Cable While Managing Your Budget.  Now, installers have access to the most feature rich cable management system in the industry...introducing Chatsworth B-Line's RCM+.  Offering simplified cable management, a more flexible solution for all installations and a reduced total installed cost.  RCM+ has all the configurations you need for your rack supported cable management requirements.  [ More ]

B-Line's New Seismic Relay Rack
B-Line's New Seismic Relay Rack features independent testing conducted in accordance with OSHPD ICBO AC156 standard for use up to 900 lbs. (408kg).  [ More ]

New B-Line 4-Post Aluminum Frame Kit
B-Line's new 4-post aluminum frame kit features an open 4-post aluminum frame with 19" EIA mounting rail design to provide nearly 360 degrees of accessibility and unrestricted heat flow.  Available in two standard heights and finishes.  [ More ]

B-Line Cable Management Accessories
Chatsworth B-Line has developed a line of cable management accessories that are flexible for any application.  Use our accessories in your cabinet for a custom solution to your needs!  [ More ]



American Tech Supply offers Newton Data Cabinets, Chatsworth Data cabinets, Quest Data Cabinets, ESW Data Cabinets, Chatsworth Data Cabinets, B-Line Data Cabinets, Quest Data Cabinets, and cabinets from other manufacturers by request.

Ladder Racks- More Info Cable Management Racks combine the features of a high quality relay rack, as well as effective cable routing and raceway facilities, all in one complete unit. All aluminum cable management rack allows for the mounting of a wide variety of 19 inch wide patch panels, hubs, switches, and related rack mount equipment. The rack is supplied with cable hangers, cable ties and generous provisions for organizing incoming cables for termination with effective patch cord management on the front. Racks are shipped with all assembly required plus an accessory pack that includes 20 cable ties, 16 cable hangers, 40 cuphead mounting screws, and grommeting for cable routing cutouts.

Cable Management Racks & Accessories

Zone 4 Data Cabinets- Data Racks

Zone 4 Data Cabinets

Ladder Racks

LAN Rack Accessories- Keyboard trays-Shelves KVM Switches

We carry cable management racks, Wallmount Rack and wallmount rack solutions for applications ranging from data centers, server rooms, to all office envrironments. Not only will ATS will meet or beat all US based pricing- but will assist you in designing your network at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Call us for details at (866) 342-3721.

Wall Mount Racks and LAN Stations from ICC,Signamax, Chatsworth,Ortronics,Kendall Howard and more.

Encore- ESW Data Cabinets

Advantage Series Data Cabinet
Cabinets built for the future of your data communications network.

Zone 4 rated Data CabinetsSurvive the Big One
The MAG VII has been tested to withstand seismic stress equal to 7.1 on the Richter Scale

Cablelogic Data Cabinet
Easily manage and access your cabling with CableLogic Enclosure Frames.

Wallbox Data Cabinet
The entire wallbox is able to swing away from the wall, offering convenient access to equipment.

NEMA Data Cabinet
Constructed of either aluminum or stainless steel and are designed to protect against the elements.

Rack Mount Shelves- Rack Mount Enclosures

Rack Mount Shelves Fiber Optic Rack Mount Enclosures

Standard equipments racks are designed for 19 inch rack mount equipment. Racks are constructed of aluminum and are available in a variety of standard heights. Each rack is drilled and tapped on both the front and the rear rails with 10-32 holes on EIA spacing. Standard rack finish is black. Racks are packaged knocked down for easy shipment.

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