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Backhaul Rack Enclosures

Multilink has been a leader in innovation for over 25 years and is now introducing the Multilink Fiber Backhaul Enclosure. The backhaul enclosure is engineered to house 10 full useable rack units of 19” rack mounted equipment while providing unsurpassed protection of the equipment from dust, rain, sleet, and snow. The standard version is offered with wall/pole mounting bracket, a convenient demarcation window, and full foil faced insulation. The patented lifesaver roof and dual 100CFM exhaust fans provide powerful forced convection cooling that is automatically controlled by a thermostat. The continuous stainless steel piano hinge, door alarm switch, and padlockable 3 point latch system provides unrivaled security of the equipment and easy maintenance access. The patented lifesaver roof can be easily removed for fan maintenance access while equipment is still secured inside.
  • 3-Point latch system
  • Battery tray available
  • Continuous piano hinge
  • Demarcation door option
  • Dual 100CFM exhaust fans

Part Number: 030-180-10

10RU Backhaul Rack Enclosure

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See our partial inventory of fiber optic enclosures below- we have listed Corning, Corning compatible, and Signamax fiber optic enclosures. We also specialize in custom fiber optic enclosures- Call or Click Here us or more information at (866) 342-3721 for all you fiber optic patch panel and fiber optic enclosure needs. Remember- we meet or beat all USA Based Pricing!

Due to fluctuations in the cost of oil, copper and raw goods- please call first to get latest pricing on all Fiber Enclosures


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