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American Tech Supply, a registered CCR contracting supply company carries a complete line of fiber optic patch panels including Alcoa's Fiber Interconnectline of fiber optic patch panels. AFL's Fiber Optic Interconnect & Apparatus products protect, preserve and secure the optical network. Our products are durable and easy to install, and offer cutting edge, patent pending innovations. The Fiber Optic Interconnect & Apparatus line consists of Equipment Frame Systems, Rack & Wall Mount Panels, Inter-bay Storage Units, Patch & Splice Modules, Sealed & Aerial Splice Closures, and Building Entrance Enclosures.



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LAN System Rack Panels for FTTx

LANSystem for FTTx (Fiber-to-the-Subscriber) is the latest and most innovative design of AFL fiber management panels. LANSystem’s new modular fiber management concept is an improved design of the System I panel line. LANSystem takes all of the important features of the System I panels and combines them with new and patent features to offer a complete line of panels 1 rack unit through 5 rack units. Each of the panels was designed to function as a unified system when joined together for specific FTTx network applications. LANSystem incorporates new modularity and flexibility into the long time industry standard LGX platform.


CON288HD - Fiber Termination Patch Panel

CNSLL-24&48 Fiber Termination & Splicing Shelf

CNS024P - Patch & Splice Panel

CON012P - Fiber Termination Patch Panel

CON024P - Fiber Termination Patch Panel


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We can supply you with a full line of standard and special NEMA rated fiber optic enclosures and components well suited for Homeland Security Product support. Our own complete fiber-optics product offering can be leveraged in certain cases to minimize lead-time and provide value added solutions in a short time period.



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