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    CNS048P Fiber Termination Shelf-48 Port Fiber Optic Patch Panel-48 Port Fiber Termination Shelf

    American Tech Supply, a registered CCR contracting supply company carries CNS048P - Fiber Optic Patch & Splice Panel.

    The CNS048P is a rack mountable fiber patch and splice panel designed to accomodate up to 48 terminations/splices. The CNS048P provides a compact and versatile method of splicing and connectivity. Standard panels are available in loaded and unloaded versions. Unloaded panels include six packs, adapters and splice drawers. Loaded panels also include pigtails. (<3 Meters)

    CNS048P Fiber Termination & Splicing Shelf


    CNS048P Fiber Termination & Splicing Shelf

    The LightLink Optical Termination & Splice Shelf (OTSS) is designed to house LGX compatible optical termination adapter panels as well as providing for in-rack splicing of outside plant cabling to connectorized fiber pigtails or riser cabling. The each unit features an STF-48 Telescoping Splice Tray for easy access to splice storage.


    * Compact shelf for rack-mounting
    * Durable and scratch resistant powder coated antique white finish
    * Smoked plexiglass hinged front and rear door
    * Spring loaded latches
    * Integrated splicing and termination features

    CON288HD - Fiber Termination Patch Panel

    CNSLL-24&48 Fiber Termination & Splicing Shelf

    CNS024P - Patch & Splice Panel

    CON012P - Fiber Termination Patch Panel

    CON024P - Fiber Termination Patch Panel


    Fits comfortably into new and existing interconnect, cross-connect and co-location environments
    Various connector styles and types available
    Compatible with industry standard equipment frames
    LGX Compatible master plate
    Modular design
    Provides maximum protection of optical components

    Optional metal front and rear locking covers for maximum security

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    We can supply you with a full line of standard and special NEMA rated enclosures and components well suited for Homeland Security Product support. Our own complete fiber-optics product offering can be leveraged in certain cases to minimize lead-time and provide value added solutions in a short time period




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