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American Tech Supply is a telecommunications based national stocking distributor of singlemode fiber optic cable and multimode fiber optic cables ranging from 2 fiber to 264 576 to 744 up to 864 for FTTX applications Our 744 count fiber to 864 count fiber strand to our 264 to 576 count fibers are mostly special order. Please call for lead times. We provide fiber cables from over 15 different manufacturers including Draka, OFS, Belden, AFL , Optical Cable and many more. Our warehouses located on both coasts allow for fast and reliable shipping of fiber optic cables throughout the USA and we also export all over the world. We have almost every type of fiber optic cable made for immediate or for special orders - the fastest turnaround in the industry. We have custom fiber jumpers and fiber assemblies at the USA's best prices as well. Call us today at (866) FIBER-21.

Fiber Optic Cable refers to the complete assembly of fibers, strength members and jacket. Fiber optic cables come in lots of different types, depending on the number of fibers and how and where it will be installed. Choose cable carefully as the choice will affect how easy it is to install, splice or terminate and, most important, what it will cost! We offer COMPLIMENTARY ENGINEERING at no cost for simple questions regarding fiber. For designing fiber networks or FTTH developments please ask for one of our engineers or visit one of our partners at ATEK for further assistance.

Draka Singlemode Fiber is designed to provide optimum performance in both the 1310nm and 1550nm wavelength operating ranges, with a low dispersion in the 1310nm operating window. Draka's singlemode fiber can be used in loose tube, tight buffered and ribbon cable configuration. SPECIFICATIONS

Although a common application of singlemode fiber is terrestrial long-distance networks, Draka's singlemode fiber has been specially optimized for access and enterprise networks, where high rates of transmission are becoming increasingly more prevalent.


  • Keeps attenuation and dispersion low, highly efficient for 1310nm and 1550nm operating ranges
  • Fully compatible in terms of transmission, connections and installations tools
  • Superior stripping ease, using both mechanical and heat-stripping techniques
  • Utilizes Draka's proprietary Advanced Plasma and Vapor Deposition (APVD) process
  • Utilizes Draka's unique Fiber coating - AFC TM
  • Proprietary ColorLock TM process which makes the fiber color a component of the coating


  • Superior performance ideal for access and enterprise networks
  • Open standards for multi-sourcing worldwide
  • Easier, faster, more secure connections
  • Ensures fiber with superior geometry and uniformity, as well as enhanced purity
  • Increased reliability and durability resulting in lower maintenance and replacement costs.
  • The fiber color is always consistent and distinguishable, ensuring increased ease-of-use and flexibility

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